Joseph Quang Huynh, EIT

Nominated Categories
Outstanding Civil Engineer in Community Service
Other Categories

ASCE OC YMF December Spotlight of the Month (2021)
ASCE OC YMF University Outreach Program Mentor of The Year 3rd Place (2021)
CPP Civil Engineering Geotech Graduate Student of the Year (2020)
President’s Scholar CPP (2019-2020)
$10,000 Grant MWD on Water Reuse (2016)

Additional Files
Recommendation letter from Ashlyn Alexander, 21-22 ASCE OC YMF President
Additional Information

Leadership during the pandemic has been a very rewarding challenge.
Thank you for taking the time to review my application.

Candidate Information

Joseph Quang Huynh, EIT
ASCE Member?:

Name: A3Geo, Inc.
Address: 821 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94710


Master of Science, Civil Engineering Geotechnical Emphasis (2020)
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering General Option (2016)


ASCE OC YMF University Outreach
-Since joining ASCE OC YMF, I have been involved with the networking aspect of the University Outreach Program, and have built a strong relationship specifically with the Cal State University Fullerton (CSUF) ASCE Program. Examples of this would be several mentees finding internships and full-time jobs, mentees showing an active interest in YMF by joining leadership, and active participation within our community service committee.

ASCE OC YMF Community Service
-Since joining ASCE OC YMF, I have been involved with almost every single community service event that I could possibly attend, which was one of the main reasons that I was chosen to be a Co-Chair. During this past year, effectively navigating the COVID restrictions by finding new ways to engage the community was a challenge. My proudest project within this timeframe as Co-Chair was developing a partnership with Vineyard Anaheim and their Compassion Ministry. Since its inception, over 2 million families have been fed thanks in particular to a partnership with Amazon Fresh, who donates over 10,000 pounds of fresh gourmet produce a week. Since ASCE OC YMF has been involved, over 16,800 families have been fed.

ASCE OC YMF Mentorship
-Since joining ASCE OC YMF, I have learned the value of mentorship, through our mentorship program. Although, I have never been a part of the actual program itself, I was a part of the committee and helped pair mentors and mentees together, and was still able to be mentored, and to mentor others in the process. The skills I learned here as well as in Community Service, and University Outreach are in my opinion, some of the greatest values that you can get from being involved in ASCE. Teamwork, servant leadership, and empowerment and being able to share this with ASCE Students, Younger Members, Branch, and our communities that we partner with is a major positive contribution to society in general.


Give any other special reasons for nominating the candidate. Along with any endorsements or accolades.

I never really thought of myself as deserving of any awards, because truly all of these accomplishments could not have been possible without the support of a team, family, and friends. The real winners are all the university students, younger members, and professionals working alongside our wonderful communities, putting in their combined efforts to make all these efforts come to fruition. However, I appreciate the nomination by Melissa and E-Board.

I believe I have been nominated because of the tremendous energy and enthusiasm that I bring forth, and my uncanny ability to bring people together, empower them, and work towards something greater than ourselves. Being community service co-chair has been one of the most rewarding roles of my life so far, and I appreciate the recognition that a simple nomination can make. I thank God and ASCE for giving me the opportunity, the platform, and the skills necessary to make such tremendous contributions to our society!

Contribution to the Profession:

ASCE OC YMF Community Service Co-Chair (2020-Present)
ASCE OC YMF Community Service Member (2018-Present)
ASCE OC Newsletter Committee Articles Editor (2018-Present)
ASCE OC YMF Design Challenge Member (2021)
ASCE OC YMF University Outreach Mentor (2020-2021)
CPP ASCE Geo-Institute GeoWall Graduate Advisor (2019-2021)
ASCE OC YMF Professional-at-Large (2018-2020)
WRYMC 2021 Bid Committee Co-Chair (2019)
ASCE OC YMF Mentorship Committee Member (2018-2019)


The following Civic Contributions are the ones that I have helped organize this past year:

-Moving Forward Psychological Institute (MFPI) Fundraiser 2021 ($300 raised)
-Met with community organizers of the MFPI regularly on zoom to bring awareness to their cause, which was serving the elderly, high risk, and vulnerable populations specifically during the Pandemic in Orange County.

-Coastal Cleanup Day 2021 (15+ Volunteers Assembled, Several Trash Bags of Trash Cleaned Up)
-Helped organized a beach up clean-up day this past September, where we (ASCE OC) were a part of a thousands of volunteers throughout California keeping our beaches clean for the day.

-ASCE OC + SONRIE Toy Drive 2021 (Over 100+ Toys and $200 raised for Orphanges in Mexico)
-Have continued to nourish our relationship with the Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHPE) since 2018 and their program Support of Orphanages in Need Through Resources, Innovation, and Empowerment (SONRIE) Program, by raising money, and collecting Toys for delivery to orphanages in Mexico.

-ASCE OC + Vineyard Anaheim Food Pantry (434 Families fed on December 18th, 2021)
-Created a partnership with Vineyard Anaheim in collaboration with over 50+ Community Partners in OC Including Second Harvest Food Festival, Amazon Fresh, and the City of Anaheim and helped run a Food Pantry Distribution Every Saturday at the Brookhurst Community Center since March 2021. To-date, we have helped distribute a weeks’ supply of fresh produce and groceries for over 16,800 families within the greater Orange County area. 

The following Civic Contributions are the ones that I have attended since joining ASCE:

-Ronald McDonald House Charities
-(Helped feed families staying at these homes, breakfast, and was able to listen to their stories about the life saving surgeries and procedures they came from far out-of-town to receive in OC)

-Illumination Foundation
-(Helped feed recently and at-risk homeless medical patients Thanksgiving food)

-OC Rescue Mission, Laurel House
-(volunteered to renovate a youth at risk home utilizing typical construction tools)

-ASCE OC + SONRIE Hygiene Kits and Toy Drives Since 2018

-ASCE OC/LA Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition Volunteer
-(When PSBC was at Cal Poly Pomona, I helped give a tour of the civil engineering department to the students participating.)

Suggested Award Summary:

For an awesome commitment to the civil engineering profession, its members, and the communities that we all protect and serve. Through university outreach, mentorship, and community service, Joseph was able to bridge concepts from the three committees to find success in helping and bettering our profession, and our communities as well. Through teamwork, servant leadership, and empowerment, anything is possible. Thank you.

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