Darlyn Hernandez

Scholarship Status: Awarded 2nd Place
Scholarship Awarded: Achievement Scholarship
University: UCI
Date of Graduation: June 2019


When applying to college I knew I wanted to be an engineer, but I also wanted to do something that would contribute to helping people. I had to research what type of engineer I wanted to be and when I read articles about Civil Engineers I knew it was a career I could be passionate about and saw myself becoming one day. Civil Engineering is all around us whether people notice it or not. Growing up I never would’ve thought that in everyday life we come in contact with something a Civil Engineer designed. Dating back to the 1800’s Civil Engineers have been improving our lives tremendously. In 1869 the transcontinental railroad was made connecting the existing Pacific railroads to the Eastern network of railroads. It opened up an easier way to travel across the US and connect the East side with the West. In today’s transportation, Civil Engineers are still improving with new light-rail metro lines being built everywhere, including in my hometown, Inglewood. The LAX/Crenshaw Metro Line has been under construction for the past few years and I have been fortunate enough to see it’s improvements.Through my involvement in ASCE at UCI I was able to learn even more about the project and go on a Technical Tour with ASCE OC YMF. This new Metro Line is creating another means of transportation for various cities which have never had much feasibility to various types of transportation before. Learning that Civil Engineers are the ones that make these kinds of impacts motivates me everyday to also make an impact as a Civil Engineer. Up to this point Civil Engineers have come a long way and I want to be apart of this constantly growing industry. I feel like I can do this not only with my future work but also by being apart of the American Society of Civil Engineers. I have a lot to learn about the society but I know that there is a huge impact made by members of ASCE. In this year’s Infrastructure Report Card, the U.S. received a D+ which is going to take a lot of time and effort to be able to change. It’s important to be aware that there is an urgent need for improvement. Recently Mexico City was struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that resulted in 155 casualties. It’s tragic to see that there were numerous building that collapsed with people inside of them, proving how important it is to stay up to date. We need to be able to prevent that kind of a natural disaster affecting us the way Mexico was affected. I still have a lot to learn to be able to help improve our communities but I can’t wait to see what is in my future and nothing would make me happier than to one day be able to also impact society in a positive way.


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