John Stapleton

Scholarship Status: Awarded NA
Scholarship Awarded: Achievement Scholarship
University: California State University, Fullerton
Date of Graduation: May 2017


What I appreciate most about the field of Civil Engineering is the broadness of the discipline. There are so many different areas of interest, each of which is very important, and within each sub-discipline there are even more areas of interest related to that sub-discipline, and just being able to be part of one and knowing that we are going to contribute one day to society is exciting. I personally found my niche in Geotechnical Engineering, but I am still not sure what exactly I want to do because there are so many available options within geotechnical engineering. There is slope stability, deep foundations, ground improvement, and so many more, but there are conferences to attend where I can find the areas that interest me and find out more what I like. I also appreciate the fact that what interests me may not interest someone else but that is what makes our discipline of engineering so unique and awesome in my opinion. Someone may not know where they want to be when they first start, but as a student there are so many opportunities to dip your toes in the water and to discover your interest. Being a part of ASCE has helped me to find out what I want to do with my career in civil engineering. I also appreciate knowing that we are the future of civil engineering. Civil Engineering has been around for hundreds of years as has the technology and knowledge that has gone into all of the civil engineering projects before our time, but now, as we work hard for our degrees, we will have the opportunity to contribute to the civil engineering world. My aspirations as a civil engineer are to continue going to school and to earn both my bachelors and my masters. During my schooling, I will maintain my involvement with the student chapter and hope to make our chapter better than years past. After I finish school, I plan to go into the industry and get a job in Geotechnical Engineering and continue to maintain my involvement with ASCE at the YMF, Branch, and National levels.


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