Chloe Gharios

Scholarship Status: Awarded 3rd Place
Scholarship Awarded: Achievement Scholarship
University: California State University Fullerton
Date of Graduation: May 2017


My aspirations for my future in engineering continue to grow with each semester of study. I am a third year student at California State University Fullerton studying Civil Engineering. Between my studies and extracurricular activities, I have acquired knowledge in many different aspects of the major. With every bit of exposure I have in the field, I get more excited about my chosen major, and my desire to succeed in school as well as in the industry become even stronger. As current President and last year’s Vice-President of my ASCE chapter, I have been involved in every step of each project. Concrete Canoe was a project that took a lot of my time from the mix design, to the pour, to the aesthetics. I learned a lot not only about concrete, but also about project management and research. Also, I was very involved in the Geotechnical side of engineering. I was part of Cal State Fullerton’s Geo Wall Team, of which we won the National Championship in San Antonio, Texas this year. I also placed in the top 10 in the nation for my Geo Prediction, of which I was the youngest participant. However, being the President of ASCE, all my work led up to our Pacific Southwest Conference in Tucson, Arizona. We participated in the concrete canoe competition, the geo-tech competition, steel bridge, transportation, the environmental design competition and many more. We received first place in geo-tech, as well as environmental. We also had an overall finish of fourth place in the conference, one of CSUF’s best placements. Finally, this summer I was chosen as one of 3 students in California to attend the Construction Institute’s Student Days Event, where I had to work on a construction bed with a team of other students from around the country. Everything that I have experienced has made me even more interested in civil engineering. I am excited to continue to learn and work towards my career. I am extremely interested in many aspects of civil engineering. However, the area that really interests me is structural engineering. I have always had a great interest in structural aspects, as I have always had a love for architecture, building, and construction. Also, I have an internship at Mark Thomas & Company, and I have been immersed in the world of bridges through our structures department, and my love grows each and every day. I am excited to learn more about this specific area of civil engineering, through my undergraduate education, as well as move on to graduate school in the future. Looking past my educational experience, I aspire to grow as a professional and one day have my own company. However, besides that I have a goal to one day become ASCE president. I have so much pride, not only in my ASCE student chapter, but also in being a part of ASCE as a whole. My experiences with ASCE Orange County, and the Orange County Younger Member Forum has been invaluable, and not only helped me grow as a student, but as a future professional. I have met so many amazing people who mentor and inspire me to become the best civil engineer I possibly can become. As a result, I hope to one day carry on all that these amazing people have taught me, and becoming a YMF president, branch president, and who knows…maybe one day president of the national organization. I am extremely passionate about civil engineering and I want to continue to grow as a student, individual, and future engineer. I am excited that I am studying something that I truly love and am excited about. So many students today have no idea what they want to do, and they change their major multiple times trying to figure it out. I am happy that I found exactly what I want to do, and I am excited to be working towards a career that I love so much. Civil engineering is my passion, and I want to continue to learn and work towards being the best engineer I can be in the future. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship that would allow for me to continue working towards my goals.

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