Orange County Branch Newsletter

Established 1953

November 2021

President's Column

So It Goes…

With the new fiscal year having begun in October, we felt this month’s President’s Column would be a good forum for our new presidents (Remi Candaele, ASCE OC Branch President; Ashlyn Alexander, ASCE OC YMF President) to introduce themselves and for me and YMF counterpart (Melissa Hilsabeck) to reflect on our respective terms as president of the OC Branch and OC YMF.  I hope that the Q&A that follows helps you get to know more about each of us.


  1. What field of civil engineering do you practice and why did you choose that field?

REMI: My expertise is in stormwater engineering. That said, while my projects are driven by storm water challenges such as flooding, erosion, or pollution, the scope typically involves many more fields… grading, geotechnical, streets, ADA, electrical, landscape to name a few…  I truly enjoy the diversity and the constant learning experience that my job brings in on a daily basis.

My family is from Flanders, Belgium.  As a kid, I was fascinated by the drainage canals (or watergangs) of Flanders. It still amazes me that, in the 7th century, monks engineered a gate system to lower the water table in the region and allowed a civilization to establish residency below sea level. 

ASHLYN: My field is transportation and I have experience in road & highway design. My projects vary from preliminary design to construction phases that include preparing layout designs, profiles, typical sections, traffic control, ADA details and quantities.

I chose transportation because my internship at CH2M Hill (now Jacobs) exposed me to the importance of advancing our infrastructure so that everyone can get to their destination efficiently and as safely as possible, whether they are biking or driving to work or just taking the train to a football game, like we used to do down at San Diego State. It was also a fun environment to work in and I have been blessed to continue working with great people at Parsons now.

  1. Tell us about your ASCE career thus far.

REMI: My OC YMF years are certainly ones to remember.  We had such a strong, cohesive, and fun group of friends that the sky was the limits. If I am not mistaken, I think we organized over 100 events in 2015.  On a personal level, outreach events proved to be the most fulfilling: such as the Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition and the Ronald McDonald House Cooking Night amongst many others. I also loved participating in the Mentorship Program and in the Women in Engineering Panel. 

Since then, I have served in various leadership roles at the Branch, Section, and Society level. I still sit on local and Society committees of the Environmental and Water Resources Institutes. I also serve as the Chair for the Society’s Committee on Awards and Scholarships.

ASHLYN: I do wish I participated more in ASCE in my college days, but I moved to Orange County right after college where I really had to start from scratch.  I knew I needed to do more than just go to work and go home and through meeting other YMF members at a mentorship program, I was invited to join the Branch Social Committee. From there, I heard about YMF and was invited to a Board meeting and have been going ever since!  At my first couple of board meetings, there was a need for a Community Service Chair, so I signed up and just started planning things and additional chairs and committee memberships started falling into place! It was fun to get YMF back into the community such as serving at Ronald McDonald House, serving holiday meals, toy drives and more.

Since then, I have been Internal Activities Co-Chair, Branch Social Committee member and attended amazing conferences such as WRYMC and YMLS. With these conferences, I realized I was developing leadership skills and wanted to apply them by being on the executive board. I was secretary from 2019-2020 and after much consideration/encouragement and prayer, I wanted to be a part of continuing the great legacy of YMF and run for President.

  1. What made you pursue a position of leadership for ASCE Orange County?

REMI: As several Orange County Branch fellows like to say: get involved with ASCE and you will definitely get your return on investment.  I would have to fully agree with that statement.  Over the years, the Branch has drastically helped improve my soft skills such as handling conflictual situations, conveying a leadership message from the top down, and proactively listening to stakeholders to name a few.  These skills have become incredibly helpful in my career.  The OC Branch has had an incredibly positive impact on my personal circle, especially when I think of the solid and reliable friendships I have made over the years.

In short, I want other members of our Branch to live through similar experiences and get THEIR return on investment.

ASHLYN: The best part of YMF is the combination of developing professional and soft skills that can be applied to every part of life while creating relationships that go beyond YMF and into our professional and personal lives! I have been in a variety of leadership roles from the local to regional levels in other organizations, but I love the uniqueness of YMF and I wanted to make sure that I help continue that great culture and expand our outreach to make sure we are serving our members and communities.

  1. What are some of your primary goals for your presidency?

REMI: I am glad you used the adjective “primary” because there are many goals to support our 20+ committees and institutes.  All committees are incredibly proactive.  My primary goal is to make myself available to help committees grow organically, and make sure that active members get their return on investment.  That said, I would mention two specific goals of mine.

First, we have been looking into avenues to host a few in-person events, ONLY when it makes sense, where safety protocols can be implemented, and always within the framework of Federal, State, and local requirements.  In our implementation plan, one featured mean and method includes hybrid events that would allow remote attendees to get a quasi-similar experience to in-person attendees.  With the executive board, we are in the process of evaluating the necessary VR equipment to make it happen. Stay tuned.

Second, I mentioned soft skills in response to your previous question.  I would like for our Branch to host a couple of workshops on emotional intelligence, crisis management, or career advancement. If you know of any speakers…

ASHLYN: I have 3 primary goals for my presidency as I have been involved for about 4 years now and have observed many things that are great and areas that need improvement. My first goal is to be as safe and inclusive as possible as we navigate through the pandemic. We will have a variety of virtual events, hybrid events and in-person events safely to ensure that we are doing our best to cater to different situations that have stemmed from these times. With that, OC YMF has a reputation of having a lot going on so another goal would be for us to focus on “Quality over Quantity” which would entail us to spread our events throughout the year and prevent as much overlapping of events as possible and not overwhelm our committees, members, and communities with our events. Lastly, I would like our Board to focus on YMF membership retention and reclamation as we typically have the same people come to events, but our roster is technically over 300+ members.  We can all be a part of getting more people involved.

  1. When you have free time, what do you like to do with it?

REMI: Spend time with my family. My wife Jessica and I have two young children, who keep us quite entertained.  Luckily, we are well supported by wonderful grandparents and siblings.  If I can wake up before the kids do, I will hop on my mountain bike and ride the many local trails of the Santa Ana Mountains.  Will I see you out there?

ASHLYN: When it comes to free time, I would consider myself to be a balanced person as in I am down for whatever to get out of the house on the weekends with my roommates and friends; from going to the beach, serving at church, conferences, concerts, nails, movies, museums, trying new restaurants or visiting our families to literally being in my room all day watching my tv shows. Got any suggestions?


  1. What was your biggest accomplishment during your presidency?

CLINT: Honestly, just surviving.  With that being said, I am proud of having been able to get involved with committees with which my involvement had previously been fairly minimal.  It has been inspiring to see the contributions that Kayla Kilgo, Joseph Huynh, and others have continued to put forth through our Community Service Committee, and to see Steven Anderson carry the Government Relations Committee torch onward.  Frankly, virtual meetings have made it much easier for me to be more involved than I realistically would have been pre-pandemic (#silverlinings).

MELISSA: The biggest accomplishment this year was our ability to be resilient and persevere. Within OC YMF, we host several flagship programs and events. Our board members have created innovative ways for these programs to thrive in a virtual setting. Each new idea has pushed each program to adapt and provide the same, if not better, value to the members involved. As we transition into a new era of hybrid work and returning to in-person events, the strength we have gained throughout this virtual setting will continue to evolve our programs allowing them to excel at a new level.

With that I’d like to recognize the Mentorship Program, the University Outreach Mentorship Program, and the Pathways Academy for continuing to provide exceptional value to our members and students. In addition, I’d like to recognize two new programs that were kicked-off this year: the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam Review Course for the entire LA Section, which was led by our PE Review Course team, and Women in Construction Week 2021, which was led by the ASCE OC Construction Institute.

  1. A presidency through the COVID-19 era…what adjustments did you have to make?

CLINT: Mainly, my expectations for myself and my views on risk.  In the six months leading up to the beginning of my term, it became obvious that my presidency was going to be atypical, to say the least.  Adjusting the image of what I envisioned my presidency would be was necessary for my personal mindset and for the betterment of the Branch.  That adjustment enabled me to focus on the proverbial bigger picture, most importantly our eventual return to hosting events in person.  Going through the exercise of evaluating that return gave me a new perspective on my personal view on risk and insight on how others evaluate risk. 

MELISSA: I think everyone has had to adapt at every corner this year. As a completely volunteer-based organization, we made sure that our members knew that health, family and work always come before ASCE. We saw a significant amount of Zoom fatigue, so we reduced our number of events to allow our members to focus on their priorities. Moving forward into the next fiscal year we are focusing on quality over quantity of events as our members regain their momentum.

  1. On a personal level, what did your presidency teach you?

CLINT: Being the president of the ASCE Orange County Branch is, in a sense, like being the president of a small company.  Not surprisingly, my presidency taught me a great deal about management, particularly the people component of management.  It taught me the importance of having a strong, competent group of co-leaders; the benefit of having volunteers willing to put forth effort to do things well while leaving a legacy that makes the lives of their successors easier; the relief that comes from allowing yourself to delegate to others; and the perspective on the many different styles of leadership.

MELISSA: Presidency has taught me to be more mindful: mindful in how members view my approachability, mindful in my listening and communication, and mindful of our resources and overall contribution to ASCE and the profession. There are so many moving parts, especially with a large board, so my challenge was to make sure everyone felt like they had a voice which could be expressed freely and one that is valued within a completely virtual setting.

  1. We understand that you will remain involved to some level.  Can you expand on your future roles and objectives?

CLINT: When I started my term as president, I hoped that the pandemic would allow us to return to in-person events well before we actually did.  Because some of the plans I had for my presidency (e.g., organizing events through our Community Service Committee that highlight how civil engineering can impact social equity; establishing a framework and plan for public outreach events) are better suited to in-person settings, my goal is simply to see those plans through.  I am also looking forward to getting involved in professional mentorship again.

MELISSA: As I enter my past-presidency, one of the main focuses will be on membership and new member engagement. Membership is always a hot topic society-wide and I have been invited to sit on the Student Transition & Younger Member Retention Sub-Committee. My hope is that I can share the efforts made in Orange County while learning new tools to apply locally. I will also be stepping into the Region 9 Younger Member Group Chair position where I will be a liaison for all the California YMFs to the Region 9 Board of Governors. Lastly, I will continue to serve on the OC Branch Professional Development Committee and assist hosting a few continuing education events throughout this next fiscal year.

  1. Any words of advice that you would like to leave our members with?

CLINT: ASCE is about many things, but it’s mainly about people.  The ones that serve and the ones we serve.  There are several great professional organizations available to engineers, but I personally think you would be hard-pressed to find one that serves the civil engineering community as well as ASCE.  So, if you aren’t involved, I really encourage you to do so and trust that you will find, as I did, that you will get more out of ASCE than you put in.

MELISSA: Dive in. If you have an idea for a new event or program, or thoughts on how we can improve, I encourage you to dive in. If there is a committee that you’re remotely interested in, I encourage you to attend a few meetings and actively share your thoughts. ASCE OC YMF is proud to be diversely represented by our members and the disciplines they represent. This is the core aspect to advancing the status quo and we would like it to include you!


About the Authors

Clint Isaac Isa, P.E., is a Principal Engineer at Diaz Yourman & Associates and the 2021-2022 Past-President of ASCE Orange County Branch. Clint can be contacted at [email protected].

Remi Candaele, P.E., M.S., QSD/QSP, M.ASCE, is a Senior Project Manager at Huitt-Zollars, Inc. and the 2021-2022 President of ASCE Orange County Branch. Remi can be contacted at [email protected].

Melissa Hilsabeck, E.I.T., is a Capital Projects Coordinator-II at Port of Long Beach and the 2021-2022 Past-President of ASCE Orange County Younger Member Forum. Melissa can be contacted at [email protected].

Ashlyn Alexander, E.I.T., is a Road & Highway Engineer at Parsons Corporation Irvine and the 2021-2022 President of ASCE Orange County Younger Member Forum. Ashlyn can be contacted at [email protected].


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ASCE OC Branch

Hugh Foreman, ASCE OC Branch President (1956-1957)

Hugh Howell Foreman was the 5th President of the ASCE Orange County Branch, from 1956-1957. 

Hugh Howell Foreman
June 24, 1926 - April 23, 2021

Hugh Howell Foreman, Jr was born June 24, 1926, in his grandparent's home in Los Angeles, to Flossie and Hugh H. Foreman, Sr. He grew up in his parent's home at 1251 Amelia, East L.A., with his younger sister Gayle and dog Buster until he enlisted in the Navy during World War II. After the service, he finished two years at UCLA before transferring to UC Berkeley to obtain a degree in Civil Engineering. But before moving north, he married his Montebello High School sweetheart, Doreen Stanfield.

Hugh and Doreen returned to Whittier to start his career and their family: Curtis, Mark, and Denise. In 1953 they moved to Santa Ana, where Hugh worked for the City Public Works Dept. He then became a partner in Hall and Foreman in 1964, a civil engineering company that exists to this day.

Hugh loved his family and, during the children's school years, enjoyed camping, motorcycling, boating, and traveling. At the age of 43, he committed his life to the Lord Jesus and often gave the Lord credit for the blessings in his life. Hugh and Doreen were generous with their resources and regularly counseled others in the area of marriage and finances. They also traveled the world with friends from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, including visiting various missionaries. After retiring to Post Falls, Idaho, to live near Denise's family for 10 years, they returned to California, settling in Carlsbad and attending North Coast Calvary Chapel, where their son Mark is the pastor.

Hugh went to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on April 23, 2021, in Carmel Valley, San Diego, California, two months shy of 95. He was preceded into heaven by his wife Doreen and his son Curtis. Hugh is survived by his son Mark and his wife Jan, his daughter Denise Troxell and her husband Joe, and his daughter-in-law Paula Foreman. He is also survived by 10 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren. Hugh was laid to rest on June 6, 2021, at El Camino Memorial Park.


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ASCE OC Mentorship Program

Mentorship Panel: The Importance and Impact of Mentorship

On Thursday, July 22, 2021, at 6 pm, the ASCE OC Mentorship Program hosted its second annual Mentorship Panel. Last year’s topic spoke about mentorship in uncertain times due to the pandemic. This year’s panel focused on the importance and impact of mentorship and the ultimate question: “What is mentorship to you?" Topics included:

  • Mentorship in the public and private sectors.
  • Young women in the industry.
  • Career development for young professionals.

Panelists for this event were Angie Kung (HDR), Andrew Oshrin (Caltrans), Madeleine Colliere (OCTA), and Aaron Esparza-Almaraz (CWE). Angie Kung was on the 2019 committee for the WTS Mentorship Program, a unique program that connects women in the transportation industry. For several years, Andrew has been a mentor with the ASCE program and won the Mentor of the Year Award in 2020. Madeleine acts as OCTA’s Mentor Program Administrator. Aaron is a first-time protege of the ASCE program and provided perspective as a young professional.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic and the difficulties we have faced, the ASCE Mentorship Program strives to remind everyone to stay motivated, connect, and take care of themselves!

Interested in being a mentor or protégé? Want to learn more about our great program? Check out our page for information on next year’s program and previous years’ events!

About the Author

Lydia Chun is an Associate Traffic Engineer at Iteris, Inc. She is a UCI alumnus and a previous participant in the Mentorship Program. She enjoys the outdoors and watches too many cat videos online. Lydia can be contacted at [email protected] or via LinkedIn.


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ASCE OC YMF PE Exam Info Session

ASCE OC YMF has hosted multiple PE Review sessions in the past to prepare engineers for the eight-hour comprehensive exam, seismic and surveying exams. As a committee, we aim to be up to date with all the information related to the PE exams and application process to pass on information at monthly board meetings. On July 20, 2021, we welcomed 28 individuals into the virtual Info Session to provide a direct link to get any questions answered from a member of the Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists. Attendees listened to Natalie King speak about the upcoming computer-based testing changes to the PE Exam, updates to the BPELSG online application portal, and licensing process. The presentation finished with a final Q&A for any outstanding questions in the end. The interactive information session proved to be a welcomed event. We look forward to inviting Natalie King and other members from BPELSG to speak about the path to licensure and exams.

About the Author

Tyler Hodges is a civil design EIT in public works at Huitt-Zollars Inc. in Irvine, CA. Tyler is an alumnus from the University of California Irvine. He enjoys baking desserts, playing tennis and quidditch, going to the movies, and spending time with friends.


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ASCE OC Community Service

ASCE OC Community Service Coastal Clean Up

On Saturday morning, September 18th, 2021, a group of more than fifteen ASCE OC members arrived at the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve to participate in the annual Coastal Clean-up Day. Many groups such as OC Parks, Michael Baker International, and Canon were stationed with us, but more than 26,000 participants participated all throughout California that morning. As a group we were able to clean up all sorts of bottles, cans, plastic, tires and miscellaneous trash and debris that morning, while having a great time too. We are thankful to have participated in this year’s coastal clean up day, and we plan on participating for the years to come. Thank you!

ASCE OC YMF and OC Parks were stationed next to each other by the entrance to the cleanup zone.

Students from California State University, Fullerton volunteered for the Cleanup Day and are briefed by OC Parks staff at the start of the day.

Volunteers search through the grass and plants for litter, filling up their waste collection bags.

ASCE OC Volunteers Pose in front of the items they were able to help clean out from the Upper Newport Bay Nature Reserve!

About the Author

The mission of the Community Service Committee is to provide meaningful opportunities for ASCE members to get involved with service events, local non-profits, and volunteer organizations. Through our outreach efforts, we strive to make our community a better place while simultaneously expanding our members' connection to the community. If you know of an event that truly inspires you and would like to share it with ASCE, or are interested in becoming a part of the committee, feel free to email us at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!


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ASCE OC YMF and ASCE LA Section Fall 2021 FE Review

For years, ASCE OC YMF has hosted PE Reviews to prepare engineers for the eight-hour (breadth and depth) seismic and surveying exams, but we’ve never hosted a review for that first step to get your license, the FE exam. It all started with a simple invitation of doing a virtual FE Informational Session to students from CSULB, CSUF, and UCI. In a short hour, we realized how involved, and interested students were in learning more. Weeks of planning went into creating the FE Review. We strived to create a comprehensive and competitive review that would be affordable and available to our target audience.

We teamed up with ASCE LA Section and planned our first ever FE Review Course. From August 21st to October 16th, a combination of 92 college students and young professionals met on Saturdays for a virtual class covering all of the topics in the FE exam as outlined by NCEES.

We provided surveys to students from multiple schools to know which professors they enjoyed reaching out to and contacting them. Ten professors from various universities, including; California State Polytechnic Pomona, California Baptist University, California State University Long Beach, and California State University Northridge, led reviews during the two-hour sessions, totaling up to 26 hours of instruction. With countless examples, great questions, and a lot of material later, the course ended. My co-chair, Tyler Hodges, and I want to thank the ASCE LA Section for their support, the professors for giving their time and expertise, and of course, the students for registering and giving us feedback.

With the positive response and great feedback, we aim to continue offering this course (open to all) in the future and improving it more and more.

About the Author

Gabriela Ruiz is a transportation Project Engineer at LIN Consulting, Inc. in Tustin, CA. She enjoys reading a good mystery novel, baking banana bread, and spending time with family and friends. Gabriela can be contacted via LinkedIn.


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ASCE OC University Outreach

ASCE OC University Outreach Virtual Game Night

Students from all 3 Orange County universities gathered virtually for our Annual Game Night. The night started with a few "Would You Rather?" questions and introductions as everyone filled in and joined the Zoom call. Students were then sent to their breakout rooms and commenced the night's first game in their assigned teams. A highlighted game was the "Scavenger Hunt" where students received a list of items and would have to rush and find items from their homes ranging from pencils, hats, and even a spatula. To wrap up the night, a final game of "Finish that Lyric" began where a 10-second snip of a song was played in a large group for everyone. The first student to buzz in would continue the following verse in the music and earn a point. The winning team was announced and awarded gift cards as a conclusion to game night. We appreciate all of the University Outreach Committee members who organized this event and our students who joined us for the night. We look forward to connecting and supporting students in any way we can.

Green Team wins and celebrates their victory joined by the University Outreach Committee.


About the Author

Darlyn is currently a Roadway Design Engineer at Mark Thomas in Irvine, CA. Darlyn was heavily involved in ASCE at UC Irvine and joined YMF after graduating in 2019 to continue her involvement. She is passionate about University Outreach and always looks forward to planning outreach events that she benefitted from as a student. When Darlyn is not at a University Outreach event, you are likely to find her spending her free time at Disneyland with friends and family or shopping for new plants and accessories at a local vendor.


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ASCE OC T&DI - Gerald Desmond Bridge

The Orange County Transportation and Development Institute (T&DI) held its first 2021 technical presentation on October 12th over Zoom with guest speaker Duane Kenagy, the Capital Programs Executive from the Port of Long Beach. Mr. Kenagy gave a presentation about the recently completed Gerald Desmond Bridge Project, Bridge to Everywhere. Read on for highlights of the presentation.

Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles combined are currently ranked the 9th largest port complex globally. The Port of Long Beach developed the Gerald Desmond Bridge project in collaboration with Caltrans, LA Metro, and the US Department of Transportation. The bridge is the first cable-stayed vehicular bridge in the State of California. The project provides additional 50 feet vertical clearance over the Port of Long Beach Back Channel, bringing total vertical clearance to 205 feet. The construction of the bridge started in 2013 and was completed in 2020. One of the innovations used in the project includes the use of a Movable Scaffolding System (MSS), which allowed for more efficient and safer bridge deck construction and minimized impacts to the areas below the bridge. The MSS units were attached to bridge columns, which provided the formwork for workers to install the rebar and place the concrete. Once a bridge span was completed, the MSS then glided over to the next column for the construction of the next span. The presentation highlighted other key features, like the stay cables and composition of the pylons, and discussed key benefits of the bridge. The project also included a Class I bikeway, a facility with exclusive right of way for bicyclists and pedestrians, away from the roadway and with cross flows by motor traffic minimized. The Gerald Desmond Bridge will transform the Ports and the community for many decades to come.

About the Author

Charlotte Wu is a Transportation Engineer with AECOM. Charlotte is passionate about designing transportation project that improves the quality of life while maintaining a balanced and sustainable community. Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor activities such as running, snowboarding, and riding. Charlotte can be contacted at [email protected].


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ASCE OC Mentorship Program

ASCE OC Mentorship Program - Kicking Off 21-22 Like the Turkey Bowl

Much like every facet of every industry that has engaged in endless video calls, social distanced events, and stay-at-home activities, this year's Mentorship Program has undoubtedly dwindled by the numbers. However, the fire and passion have remained with this year's Mentorship Program cohort!

On November 4th, 2021 unknowing Mentors and Proteges stepped into the proverbial Zoom-room and left with 11 mentorship pairings. Given we just entered November - aka Thanksgiving month - the Mentorship Committee brainstormed the best way to reveal each pairing. Thanksgiving sides rankings! Each Protege was assigned a Thanksgiving side, and each Mentor was assigned a corresponding ranking number. This information was directly emailed to each participant prior to the meeting with no idea what the info meant. During the Kick-Off Event, our super-co-chair Natalie Jensen masterfully curated the pairings as an "Icebreaker Activity," and the entire group was engaged in figuring out which sides came on top. Suffice to say, and the Thanksgiving Sides Pairing Reveal was an engaging and creative way to navigate these blue screens. Everyone enjoyed the activity and was excited to begin their mentoring relationships. While Zoom has drained us and everyone abound, it indeed has made us resourceful and intentional with our programs. But oh-boy, we are excited to finally see each other in a month for our informal Happy Hour!

About the Author

JR Lagade is a Water Resources / Dams Engineer in SoCal. A Swiss-Army-Knife in- and outside of the office. Catch him if you can - he's anywhere and everywhere. Junior can be contacted via carrier pigeon or at [email protected].


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ASCE OC University Outreach

ASCE OC University Outreach Mentorship Reveal

The University Outreach Committee kicked off the Mentorship Program with the Mentorsgiving mentorship reveal on November 7, 2021, at William R. Mason Regional Park in Irvine. The program pairs our local university students with younger members based on specialization, interest, goals, and hobbies. At the reveal, the participants were provided food and an art lesson for a landscape painting. The students and professionals were assigned a color for their paintings, which ultimately revealed the mentorship pairs. The event had 39 attendees and was an exciting start to this year’s program.

About the Author

Gabreelle Gonzalez is an Assistant Engineer at the City of Anaheim. She enjoys supporting the University Outreach program and board games. Gabreelle can be contacted at [email protected] or LinkedIn.


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ASCE OC YMF Internal Activities

ASCE OC YMF Halloween Bar Crawl 2021

On Friday, October 29th, 2021, the ASCE OC YMF Internal Activities Committee hosted their Annual Halloween Bar Crawl at Downtown Fullerton. This year's costumes were fun and creative including some Disney characters, such as Vanellope von Schweetz, Wreck-It-Ralph, and Raya! It was a great night of networking and reuniting with our fellow ASCE OC YMF members. 

ASCE OC YMF Halloween Bar Crawl 2021 Attendees Outside Heroes

The Internal Activities Committee promotes networking and a sense of camaraderie within the Younger Member Forum through hosting fun and engaging events for new and established members. We host socializing events once a month. These events can range from Happy Hours to Escape Rooms to Bar Crawls. We are also responsible for planning the Annual Wine Trip.

If you have questions or would like to be a part of the Networking Social Committee, please contact [email protected].

About the Author

Michael Dinicola is a Roadway Design Engineer at Mark Thomas in Lakewood, CA and a recent university graduate from CSULB. For as long as he can remember, Michael’s goal in life was to pursue a career in civil engineering. He enjoys learning new skills through experience and makes it a point to promote civil engineering as a rewarding profession to the next generation of engineers. Michael can be contacted at [email protected] or via LinkedIn.


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ASCE OC University Outreach

Meet the Mentors: Transportation Engineering Panel

On October 4, 2021, ASCE OC YMF’s University Outreach hosted a Transportation Engineering panel for the third installment of its “Meet the Mentors” series. The “Meet the Mentors” series consists of discipline-specific panels to give students who participated in University Outreach’s Mentorship program a chance to broaden their perspective with additional mentors and allow students who did not participate in the program to learn from our awesome mentors.

Following the success of the Land Development and Construction Management panels, Chuck Karunathilake, Alyssa Kumnoonsate, Stephen Cruz, and Lorenzo Sevidal were selected for the Transportation Panel. For the first half of the event, Chuck Karunathilake provided a behind-the-scenes perspective of his role as one of the lead design engineers on the Port of LA SR-47 Interchange Project. The students learned about the importance of transportation design standards/considerations, scheduling, and geotechnical design issues related to the Port of LA SR-47 Interchange Project. To solidify the students’ understanding, University Outreach tested them with a follow-up Kahoot while Chuck explained the correct answers. The second half of the event was a panel moderated by Janelle Gonzalez. She fielded the students’ questions to our panelists, who provided valuable insight on their career paths, lessons learned, internship advice, and the importance of being open to different disciplines. The event was met with great feedback from our UCI, CSULB, CSUF students, and our younger members, and we are excited to continue the series throughout the upcoming academic year!

About the Author

Matthew is a Design Engineer for the City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering. He enjoys bridging the gap between students and professionals as the ASCE OC YMF University Outreach Professional at Large. Matthew can be contacted on LinkedIn.


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ASCE CSULB October Beach Clean-Up at Seal Beach

On October 16th, 2021, the ASCE Student Chapter at California State University, Long Beach, hosted their Monthly Beach Clean-Up event at Seal Beach! The community service event is part of their efforts to play a role in helping save and beautify our local beaches! It was their first in-person event for student members since the COVID-19 restrictions during the 2020-2021 school year. Attendees were able to meet fellow student members and civil engineering students. After the event, the Student Chapter looks forward to hosting similar events in the future and continuing to play a part in protecting our environment! 

As a Student Chapter, we encourage all of you to do your part, as well! Some resources are available on the California State Parks website here

If you are a CSULB student or a professional/company interested in learning more about our Student Chapter's community service activities, please email us at [email protected]! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

About the Author

Kyra is currently a Civil Engineering Student at California State University, Long Beach, and an intern at the Port of Los Angeles. She is also the ASCE CSU Long Beach Student Chapter Co-President for the 2021-2022 school year. She is passionate about the Construction Management industry. Kyra can be contacted via LinkedIn.


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ASCE OC Government Relations

Infrastructure Bill and 2021 Recap

ASCE's government relations team both from Region 9 (John Kilps) and the national level (Caroline Sevier) got together to discuss some important topics related to infrastructure and its impact on the government: equity (how is it applied?), Infrastructure Bill (where does all the money go?), 2022 (will infrastructure be a topic in next year's elections?), and new revenue streams to fund projects. Our panel was hosted by SCAG board member Wendy Bucknum and gave some great insights. Government Relations plans to host this type of event annually moving forward.

If you are interested in participating in the Government Relations committee, please contact [email protected].

About the Author

Steven Anderson is a Civil Engineer for David Evans and Associates in Tustin. He now spends his free time with his two-month-old, Olivia, on a play mat.


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ASCE OC Branch

Welcome New Members!

Welcome to the American Society of Civil Engineers! We are happy you joined us in ASCE's Orange County Branch. Remember...there are 101 ways to benefit from your membership with ASCE. Become involved, educate yourself on an engineering topic outside of your expertise, and build relationships with others in the industry - to name a few.

Please contact a Board Member if you have questions, or a committee chairperson to become involved.

Welcome New Members:

July 2021

Abdullah Albuloushi, A.M.ASCE
Kimberly Flores, S.M.ASCE
Hamid Hekmat, S.M.ASCE
Quang Nguyen, S.M.ASCE
Jefffrey Pieters, S.M.ASCE
Alirio Puche, R.Eng, M.ASCE
Diego Tapia, S.M.ASCE
Luis Villalobos, S.M.ASCE
Joseph Wang, S.M.ASCE
John Wilson, Aff.M.ASCE

August 2021

Mariam Youssef, S.M.ASCE
Rica Mae Vergara, S.M.ASCE
Christina Agustin, S.M.ASCE
Frances Santos, S.M.ASCE
Joseph Silla, Aff.M.ASCE
Zijin Jiang, EIT, A.M.ASCE
Vera Luu, S.M.ASCE
Gwenn Demmerle, S.M.ASCE
Tyler Sendelbach, S.M.ASCE
John Tompkins, Aff.M.ASCE
Leina Nunez-Honda, S.M.ASCE
Riva Robitson, S.M.ASCE
Zaher Yazeji, P.E., M.ASCE
Mahmoud Ahmadi, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE
Aurora Rocha, A.M.ASCE
Thomas Inada, EIT, A.M.ASCE

September 2021

Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini Qomi, Ph.D., Aff.M.ASCE
Miguel Aguilar Torres, S.M.ASCE
Aynslee Albrecht, S.M.ASCE
Kaelani Artuz, S.M.ASCE
Vandad Asli, S.M.ASCE
Sabrina Ayala, S.M.ASCE
Broneil Bet Govargez, S.M.ASCE
Kaela Birozy, S.M.ASCE
Diego Castro, S.M.ASCE
Jacob Cespedes, S.M.ASCE
Mia Chan, S.M.ASCE
Valerie Cortes, S.M.ASCE
Alex Espino, S.M.ASCE
Nabil Fawaz, S.M.ASCE
Benito Garduno, S.M.ASCE
Lauren Gautschi, S.M.ASCE
Bill Grigsby, Aff.M.ASCE
Amr Hamed, S.M.ASCE
Cesar Hernandez, S.M.ASCE
Regina Hu, Aff.M.ASCE
Jeffrey Hunt, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE
David Huynh, S.M.ASCE
Derek Kurtti, Aff.M.ASCE
Amy Lam, S.M.ASCE
Harrison Lane, S.M.ASCE
Jason Le, S.M.ASCE
Kyle Lee, S.M.ASCE
Christian Leon, A.M.ASCE
Kathy Lu, S.M.ASCE
Victoria Lund, S.M.ASCE
Czaryl Macayan, S.M.ASCE
Ethan Mach, S.M.ASCE
Belen Manzano, S.M.ASCE
Jacob Marano, S.M.ASCE
Monica Martinez-Maruri, Aff.M.ASCE
Ashlynn Mathews, S.M.ASCE
Kellan McGrath, S.M.ASCE
Mohammadreza Nasiri, S.M.ASCE
Hoang Nguyen, S.M.ASCE
Nicholas Nguyen, S.M.ASCE
Patrick Nguyen, S.M.ASCE
David Nieto, S.M.ASCE
Daniel Perez Lopez, S.M.ASCE
Hai Pham, S.M.ASCE
Jonathan Platero, S.M.ASCE
Leah Russell, A.M.ASCE
Liana Saker, S.M.ASCE
Shin Shirakawa, S.M.ASCE
Ryan Solomon, S.M.ASCE
William Tsai, S.M.ASCE
Sahleh Vahideh, S.M.ASCE
Amelia Vannah, S.M.ASCE
Sofia Villegas, S.M.ASCE
Phoebe Weimholt, S.M.ASCE
Aaron Yang, S.M.ASCE
Ellie Yazdani, Aff.M.ASCE

October 2021

Hayde Abrego, S.M.ASCE
Esther Ahn, S.M.ASCE
Xochitl Arquieta, S.M.ASCE
Uriel Avelar, Aff.M.ASCE
Jesus Avila, S.M.ASCE
Angel Barajas-Diaz, S.M.ASCE
Leonela Bracamonte, S.M.ASCE
Jared Brawner, S.M.ASCE
Laurel Cabrera, S.M.ASCE
Irene Marie Cruise, S.M.ASCE
Leah Curran, S.M.ASCE
Freddie Flanagan, S.M.ASCE
Tomas Fong, S.M.ASCE
Nicholas Grover Gazdak, S.M.ASCE
Alan Huynh, Aff.M.ASCE
Michinobu Itasaka, S.M.ASCE
Laura Kubiatko, S.M.ASCE
Jocelyn Lau, S.M.ASCE
Victoria Lee, S.M.ASCE
Luke Linn, S.M.ASCE
Nicholas Mao, S.M.ASCE
Conrad Meinhold, S.M.ASCE
Christian Montes, S.M.ASCE
Jaelin Murray, S.M.ASCE
Zaw Lin Naing, S.M.ASCE
Nihar Nanjappa, S.M.ASCE
Dominique Huy Nguyen, S.M.ASCE
Huy Nguyen, S.M.ASCE
Khoi Nguyen, S.M.ASCE
Ryan Nguyen, S.M.ASCE
Jasmine Papias, S.M.ASCE
Tyler Petersen, S.M.ASCE
Ernesto Ruvira, S.M.ASCE
Anna Gabrielle Singson, S.M.ASCE
Algird Sova, S.M.ASCE
Ryan Tran, S.M.ASCE
Miguel Villasenor, S.M.ASCE
Isaac Werrede, S.M.ASCE
Jimmy Wong, S.M.ASCE
Frank Yu, S.M.ASCE
Xuyuan Zhang, S.M.ASCE


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