Orange County Branch Newsletter

May 2013

Younger Member Forum

Savanna High School Outreach

By: Gidti Ludesirishoti

On February 1st, OC YMF visited Savanna High School in Anaheim. Gidti Ludesirishoti and Karly Ho discussed Civil Engineering with the students of High School Teachers Clay Elliot and Allan Stuart. The students were introduced to commonly known Civil Engineering specialties and even some less well known. Students were encouraged to ask any question about the profession from typical work days, work-life balance, college requirements, typical projects and many more. The discussion was held in the HS shop class where students were also able to ask for advice on their balsa wood bridges.

After the discussion students participated in a friendly Lego structure shake table competition. Groups of students were given a Lego platform and bags of pieces to construct the tallest structure to withstand a pseudo-seismic event. The students were able to enjoy a fun and friendly competition while also learning about a potential future in Civil Engineering. Anyone interested in volunteering for a K-12 event, or other YMF activities, should email [email protected].

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