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November 2013

Younger Member Forum

YMF Presentation at CSULB

On October 23rd Daniela Malott and Eric Walker hosted a presentation at the Cal State Long Beach ASCE Student Chapter. The presentation was a combination of a general overview of what ASCE is as well as some helpful tips for transitioning from a student to a working professional. During the first part of the presentation many of the students said they did not realize that ASCE was such a large and diverse organization. Most of the students only really knew about ASCE through the PSWC conference, and it was great to see some of the students get more excited that their involvement was broader, and that it could continue throughout their professional lives.

To bridge the gap between the general sense of ASCE and the different regions, sections, branches and the student chapters, Daniela talked about the role and importance of YMF. Many of the students were very interested in the fact that there were young professionals who had just recently graduated and were getting together to network for potential jobs, networking and socializing. We invited the students to attend the YMF events and told them how to get a hold of information on upcoming events. The student chapter leadership also talked quite a bit about the upcoming student night and how important it was to go network with all of the professionals that will be attending.

What really seemed to grab student’s attention beyond the YMF activities were some of the suggestions we gave on finding and holding a job. Many of the tips such as email etiquette and how to impress your boss are things that can only really come from people who have been working. Although this presentation has been done in previous years, it is always great for new incoming members to get this information since they are about to start searching for an internship or a full time job. It was great being able to connect to the students and really feel like the information we had to share was valuable. We are really looking forward to going back to CSULB for other presentations!

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