Orange County Branch Newsletter

September 2011

YMF Archery Range Event

Younger Member Forum - Archery Range Event

By Ravi Shai - OC  YMF  Vice  President

Bows & Arrows with YMF Members at Hi-Tech Archery Range

The bow and arrow dates back to somewhere around 12,000 BC. Several mythological heroes were once described as archers, including the Greeks Artemis and Apollo  as well as the legend Robin Hood. On July 9, 2011, twenty three (23) members of OC and Metropolitan Los Angeles Branch YMF’s embarked on a journey to live as noble archers and learned to wield a bow and arrow as our long lost ancestors once did.

The group congregated at Hi-Tech Archery Range, an indoor range, in Fullerton to learn how to properly shoot a bow and arrow. After a quick safety demonstration by the staff, groups of eight archers at a time were allowed to shoot a target several yards away, while the others patiently networked among their peers.  The groups rotated every 10-15 minutes to allow everyone to have several chances to practice their newly obtained skills. By the end of the event, several YMF’ers were on their way to becoming a modern day Robin Hood.  After the event, an impromptu happy hour was set up in Downtown Fullerton, where the good time was continued by all.

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