Orange County Branch Newsletter

May 2013

Younger Member Forum

2013 Life Member Brunch

By: Eric Walker

On March 2nd, the Los Angeles Section Life Member Forum hosted their annual Life Member Bruch at the Monterey Steakhouse in Monterey Park. OC YMF sponsored a table at the brunch and several younger members shared the table with Life Members. This was an amazing opportunity to hear from many of the people who have helped to shape civil engineering not only in the Los Angeles area, but around the country and world. Speaking with some of the people who had a hand in  major milestones, such as the inception of the interstate highway system and others, really gave a unique perspective on the impact we as Civil Engineers have on society. Reading about many of these projects and milestones can give some insight, but listening to the personal accounts and stories of these men and women really brought history to life. It showed a level of significance beyond what a person could get from an article. Listening to the induction of the new members was also incredibly interesting, as the biographies were full of amazing achievements.

There was also a presentation from the Centennial Committee, which highlighted many of the projects life members had worked on. This reiterated the importance of Civil Engineering to our area.
Overall, the event was a great way to meet some of the people who are, and have been, movers and shakers in Los Angeles and around the world. These men and women certainly stand as proud examples of what it means to be a steward of society.


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