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September 2016

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YMF - 2016 Ragnar Relay

By: Nick Weis

For the second year, the Orange County ASCE and Orange County ASCE YMF formed a team for the Southern California Ragnar Relay Race. This year’s long distance overnight relay race consisted of approximately 200 miles of road and trail running beginning in Huntington Beach and ending on Coronado Island in San Diego. This distance was split into 36 segments of varying length and difficulty with the team’s 12 runners each taking on 3 segments. Beginning on Friday morning, the race continues through the day and night until the entire team joins to cross the final finish line together. Many teams embrace the spirit of the event by decorating their vans with themes and cheering on all of the runners at tough points on the longer runs. Even residents would often cheer on the runners as they passed through their neighborhoods. The support was much appreciated. Despite the lack of sleep, energy bar meals, and over 32 hours of rotating running and support shifts, the team was all smiles conquering the last few yards at the finish line. 

This year’s team consisted of Greg Henk, Ryan Quach, Nick Weis, Katrina Blake, Carolynn Nepomuceno, Remi Candaele, Naveed Kharrat, Ryan Hankes, Isamar Escobar, Josh McNeill, Josue Vaglienty, and Alex Maher. Our volunteers Robyn Henk, Roy Juacalla, and Kathleen Hong deserve special thanks for directing the team vans and checking in runners even in the early hours of the morning. Great job to all of the team members for completing this year’s Southern California Ragnar Relay!

The 2017 ASCE Ragnar Team is in its preliminary planning stages, please contact Alex Maher, [email protected] if you are interested in participating.