Orange County Branch Newsletter

June 2012

Seminar Sponsor: Virtual Project Manager

Embracing Technology Saves Time & Money


At our May 1, 2012 continuing education seminar, we invited many software companies to show us their latest and greatest tools that help us as Civil Engineers get our job done. These companies made generous donations to our branch and we'd like their message to reach a larger audience, so over the next few months each of those companies will have the opportunity to share about their products. The first one is Virtual Project Manager.

“How can our company save money? What kind of costs can we cut?”

These questions are all too common in these strained financial times, but one possible answer might surprise you. It seems risky to invest money in new technology, but in the end technology might be the only thing that can give your company a competitive edge and turn things around. Lex Zuber’s “Virtual Project Manager” ( offers just that.

After working in the construction business for 18 years, Lex Zuber recognized the necessity of a system of organization and documentation to help him manage his projects while maintaining client communication.

“I built Virtual Project Manager as an online project management program specifically catered to those in the construction industry,” Zuber explained. While initially offering VPM to contractors and construction businesses, he also developed the system for municipalities.

“Virtual Project Manager allows cities, counties, construction professionals, engineers, and really anyone involved in a capital improvement project to stay organized, maintain necessary communication, and document everything along the way.” Zuber notes that construction and maintenance projects can get very complicated, very quickly. “VPM helps simplify the process and ensures accountability with tools like change order and transmittal managers, voice-activated inspector logs, and automated weekly working day statements.”

Another benefit of Virtual Project Manager is that it is 100% web-based, which means there is no software, installations or updates. This also means that users can log in on any device from anywhere in the world to access and manage their projects.

A monthly subscription of $99 offers unlimited users, unlimited projects, unlimited cloud storage, and all of the tools and features that are saving cities thousands. There are no pricing packages or extra fees – you get everything VPM has to offer.

Zuber also holds quarterly user group meetings to address any issues and develop new features based on user feedback. “These user group meetings are extremely helpful,” Zuber says. “They give us the chance to speak directly with our users and allow us to make useful and necessary improvements to our system.”

“This is much more than just a task manager or a fancy calendar,” Zuber concludes. “VPM empowers its users, giving you the perfect balance of documentation, organization and communication. It will make your work more effective, your time more efficient, and your life a lot easier.”