Orange County Branch Newsletter

May 2012



The UC Irvine Student Chapter had a total of fifty members attend this year’s Pacific Southwest Conference at Cal Poly Pomona. Of the attendees, thirty-seven were upperclassmen and thirteen were lower classmen. There was a fairly even number of male and female attendees with twenty females and thirty males. UCI participated in all of the conference events, except Penny Wars.

Concrete Canoe


The theme of the Concrete Canoe for this year was inspired by the Disney movie, UP.  Overall, UCI ranked 14th out of all the participating schools.

Steel Bridge

The Steel Bridge Build Team was made up of six people and two great captains. The team was very dedicated and put in a ton of hours preparing and practicing for the event. Unfortunately, they were disqualified due to exceeding the time limit during construction. The team received sponsorships from IMS, Brandow and Johnston, RBF, and AISC.

Engineering Events


The Surveying team placed 10th in the final rankings. The Geotechnical team placed 8th and was not disqualified like they were last year. The Geotechnical team prepared their paper and performed their analysis with the help of a local geotechnical firm, Ninyo and Moore.  The Environmental team received third place. This is the highest award ASCE-UCI received this year.


UCI participated in volleyball, ultimate frisbee, tug of war, and basketball. The UCI sport teams were very enthusiastic and put in a lot of effort, but none of the teams made it to the final rounds.

During conference, UCI had a banquet dinner at Buca di Beppo with all of the members and alumni.  Although UCI did not win many competitions this year, all of the members had a memorable time at conference. It was a great bonding opportunity and numerous friendships were formed.  This was the first time many of the members attended PSWC and they have said that they cannot wait until next year’s competition.  The members of ASCE-UCI are motivated and will be sure to give the other schools tough competition next year.


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