Orange County Branch Newsletter

February 2015


ASCE OC University of California, Irvine Student Chapter's Fall 2014 Newsletter

ASCE UCI is dedicated to enhancing members’ interests and perspectives in civil engineering through industry exposure and practical applications. Our goal is to provide members with the knowledge and tools that will aid them in their future careers.

General Meetings

ASCE’s first general meeting this year brought out many new members. Both new and returning members gathered to learn about ASCE and how to get involved. Since then, we have had four guest speakers including Desmond Chung from Geobrugg, Naveed Kharrat from RJ Noble, Isamar Escobar from RBF Consulting, and Remi Candaele from RBF Consulting (President of  OC YMF). Providing students with insight into the civil engineering industry, they shared engineering projects they have worked on and advice on how to network and be successful.

History & Heritage and Student Fellowship Night

History and Heritage Night brought together students and professionals to highlight the civil engineering progress and success within Orange County. Both professionals and students were recognized for their hard work in their respected fields. Key-Note Speaker Randy Record (Chairman of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Board of Directors) spoke about California’s water supply and current issues in relation to Orange County. Additionally, the presidents of the ASCE Student Chapters at California State University, Fullerton, California State University, Long Beach, and our own UCI recapped each of their chapter’s activities and goals going forward. Scholarships were also awarded; three UCI members received scholarships for Achievement and Best Transportation Vision.

CEE Career and Internship Fair

On November 25, the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AAEES), ASCE, and Chi Epsilon hosted the second annual Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Career and Internship Fair. Starting in the summer, members from each organization worked to put the event together. There were approximately 150 students in attendance, with a fifth being graduate students, and 14 companies from various industries (Construction, Environmental, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, and Wastewater Engineering). Company representatives believed the event showcased UCI’s motivated and ambitious students. In addition to being a networking event, it also raised money for ASCE, AAEES, and Chi Epsilon. The funds gained will help the respective organizations host future events.

Mentorship Program

In its second year, the Mentorship program groups underclassmen with one or two upperclassmen mentors. They meet and socialize several times throughout the year. Mentors provide mentees with guidance as they go through the engineering program. To make it more interesting, a point system has been set up to encourage friendly competition with the other mentors and mentees. Groups earn points based on the activities they participate in. If a group completes the required activities, they are granted a small gift. We hope mentors and mentees connect and build bonds that live on even after the program ends.


ASCE sold boba on campus and had a fundraiser at Blaze Pizza, earning a total of $150! ASCE will continue fundraising in the upcoming quarter to support our members continued growth in the civil engineering community.

Intramural Sports

ASCE participated in two intramural sports, arena soccer and flag football. Many students came out each week to support ASCE. Members had fun exercising and getting to know each other. ASCE competed against other clubs and established great team chemistry through the weeks. Although neither intramural team made it to the playoffs, lessons were learned and friendships were made. In Winter Quarter, ASCE will be playing outdoor soccer Thursday nights at 6PM at the UCI ARC! Come out to support ASCE!

Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC) 2015

Members will be working on various projects for competition at Conference, including environmental and geotechnical projects. In preparation for PSWC 2015, event sign ups have been sent out to coordinate participants and facilitate meetings. With PSWC being hosted at the University of Arizona this year, affordable modes of transportation are being considered in attempt to minimize costs.

Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge

Concrete Canoe has been designing the canoe hull, testing different concrete mixes, and honing their paddling skills at paddling practice. Carbon fiber mesh is being considered as reinforcement for the canoe  as a lighter alternative than steel rebar that was used last year. Captains have been meeting to coordinate and stay on schedule. Join them for paddling practice and mix days held on Sundays.

The Steel Bridge team has been busy with safety training, designing and analyzing the bridge, and preparing for fabrication. Unlike past years, the contest bridge will be fabricated outside the lab while students work on fabricating a half-scale bridge on campus. This decision would allow all members to have more of a role in the design process.

Thank You Sponsors

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