Orange County Branch Newsletter

November 2011

Transportation Technical Group

Tour of John Wayne Airport Terminal C

By Ted Rigoni

On October 4, 2011, nearly 50 members of the LA Airport Transportation and OC Transportation Technical Groups, along with the OC ASCE Branch, collaborated to attend a tour of the nearly completed John Wayne Airport Terminal C.

Led by Mr. Larry Serafini,Deputy Airport Director, Facilities, for John Wayne Airport, the tour included a PowerPoint presentation depicting monthly photos of the terminal’s construction, along with salient data on cost and engineering challenges.  Following lunch and an initial question/ answer session, a walking tour of the Terminal C and its adjacent parking structure occurred. 

John Wayne Airport is the 34th busiest commercial airport and 10th busiest general aviation airport in the United States.  The structure for the new 282,000 square foot Terminal C has been completed and the final interior layout is nearly completed.   Attendees walked the airplane docking and southern Remain Overnight (RON) concrete apron area, entering into the structure at the luggage ingress point.  The underground luggage handling facilities were viewed, where each piece of luggage will be separated into either domestic or international destinations and tracked from point of entry to exiting the terminal.  the tour then continued along the passenger entry and general interior areas, marveling at the beautiful and functional aspects of the terminal.  The questions on the terminal and operational characteristics of the Airport continued for some time, ending only due to time constraints for those in attendance.

The attendees were treated to an outstanding tour of the soon to be opened Terminal C facilities, and expressed their thanks to Mr. Serafini and his support staff for this opportunity to view the new terminal just prior to its scheduled opening.

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