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April 2011

Sustainability News

Update on Porous Asphalt

The following is an update to a previously published article regarding Porous Pavement systems in one of last year’s newsletters. Infiltration systems and porous pavement systems are receiving significantly more consideration in today’s regulatory environment than ever before. These systems are being suggested by many regulatory agencies and some have incorporated them into their requirements.

Porous pavement systems can be quite efficient given that the proposed location meets a number of very specific design requirements. Some considerations one should take include: obtaining a thorough geotechnical investigation, verifying adequacy of soil permeability at various depths and locations; understanding existing and potential environmental issues; designing the infiltration bed with a significant factor of safety for the permeability rate; recognizing that the surface of these systems are susceptible to clogging and raveling; and informing your client of maintenance requirements.

These systems also rely heavily on specialty contractors, specialty equipment, and construction procedures to properly install these products. Finally, these systems are continuing to evolve as technology improves and the respective industries incorporate lessons learned into newly published or updated specifications and guidelines.

The Asphalt Paving Association of California is in the process of creating a porous asphaltic concrete section for the "Greenbook" Standard Specification for Public Works Construction. It is currently being drafted as Section 203-15 and is slated to be released with the next update of the Greenbook Specifications. Currently, there is no published standard or industry wide specification for this material in Southern California. Meanwhile, until the release of the next Greenbook Specification, if you are planning to use this product, you may consider obtaining a draft copy by contacting the Asphalt Pavement Association of California through their website:

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