Orange County Branch Newsletter

May/June 2016

K-12 Outreach

Samueli Academy Internship Interviews

By: Scott Simpson

On May 6th 2016 I attended Samueli Academy High School as a volunteer to interview students for a minimum 45-hour summer internship program with MARRS Services on behalf of ASCE and ACEC youth outreach programs.  The candidates are interested in engineering as a future career. There were several companies there participating.

I interviewed five high school junior candidates. I was impressed at how well prepared each student was. They were all very inquisitive and asked a lot of questions. They asked questions about what our company does as well as questions about what they could learn and even what does someone in our field of work dress like. I found them each very focused and ready to achieve success in their next phase of life.

I spent time with one of their teachers in between sessions and gained an insight into how much these teachers are invested personally in each student’s success. Samueli Academy serves under-served and a high percentage of foster kids above your average school. The academy has a very high curriculum and really pushes the students there to pursue college credits before they are out of high school. The campus is even planning a 60 person facility where foster kids can live during the school week. I was impressed at how well the Academy is preparing these students for success.

In the end I really would have liked to offer all five students an internship. I rated each on how I thought their personal interests matched up with our company’s position at this time. They also have the opportunity to rate each potential company on whom they would like to work with also.  I am excited to experience the candidate we will work with this summer! All of the students I met I am confident will move on to enjoy successful lives and careers in the future.

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