Orange County Branch Newsletter

February 2015


Orange County Science & Engineering Fair (OCSEF) is looking for volunteers!

Are you interested in volunteering with the Orange County Science & Engineering Fair (OCSEF)?  The efforts of our volunteers make our fair a success and a very special experience for our Orange County students.

The OCSEF will be held at the Orange County Fairgrounds again this year in April.  More volunteers are needed than ever before as OCSEF has associated with the Imaginology Fair.  We will require volunteers daily from April 21st-26th (Tuesday-Sunday).

We need your assistance to ensure smooth operations and to help provide students with a valuable experience.  This includes preparing the exhibit hall, assisting students as they register their exhibits, judging the projects, closing down the exhibit hall after judging, preparing awards lists and materials, and welcoming students and families at the awards at the Orange County Fairgrounds at the Huntington Beach Building on Sunday April 26th.

The actual OCSEF will occur on Tuesday (Set-up & Registration) April 21st and Wednesday, April 22nd (Judging Day) followed by the Awards Ceremony on Sunday, April 26th.

In addition OCSEF will once again be joining the Imaginology Fair providing hands-on exhibits for children and adults of all ages on April 24-26th (Friday-Sunday)!  This is a very fun, interactive time to share your love of science with others!

If you're interseted in volunteering, please let me know how you would like to be a part of OCSEF this year.

Feel free to forward this to other colleagues and friends that may enjoy the experience of volunteering with OCSEF!  And remember, for teachers out there...the sooner you commit to volunteer, the sooner you may request a group judging time for your students!

Thank you for your commitment to OCSEF and our Orange County future scientists.

All the best,

Kerry Henriksen
OCSEF Volunteer Committee Chair
[email protected] |  949-280-8239

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