Orange County Branch Newsletter

December 2013


Younger Member Forum - Student Chapters Park Day

By Eric Walker

Towards the end of the 2012-2013 school year we hosted a very successful beach bbq event were all three of the universities in the Orange County Branch got to meet each other and have some fun. The feedback was so great from that event that this year we decided to host a similar event towards the beginning of the year, the YMF Park Day.

Over 40 students came out on Saturday November 9th to Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley to have fun, meet people and enjoy some great food. Each of the Student Chapters was in charge of one of the activities for the afternoon so we had a large game of flag football, some Can Jam, and Ultimate Frisbee. Students got the chance to talk with some of the YMF members who attended and they also got to meet students from the other schools. Each student chapter has its own strengths and by getting all of the students together they were able to find out more about each other’s schools, classes and also how to have a very active chapter. They all were able to share ideas on how they work together as a team, while playing games that required team work.

Events like these help students not only network with other students and professionals but also as a collaboration where different ideas on future events can start to form. Not to mention, playing games, eating food, and enjoying the gorgeous Southern California weather is not a bad way to spend an afternoon.


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