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November 2017

ASCE Los Angeles Section News

LA Section Awards Announced

Congratulations to this year's ASCE Los Angeles Section award winners from Orange County! These awardees are being submitted to ASCE Region 9 to be considered for additional recognition.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Thomas A. Broz, P.E, S.E., F.ASCE

Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Private Sector: Steven J. Huff, P.E., M.ASCE

Outstanding Civel Engineer in Legislative Activities: Mojgan (MJ) Hashemi, P.E., M.ASCE

Excellence in Journalism: Chris Haire

Community Improvement Project of the Year: Huntington Beach Senior Center in Central Park

Environmental Engineering Project of the Year: Peters Canyon (Wash) Channel Water Capture and Reuse Pipeline Project

Historic Renovation Project of the Year: Christ Cathedral Tower of Hope Seismic Retrofit

Special Award: Emerald Bay Entrance Widening

Environmental Engineering Project of the Year

Peters Canyon (Wash) Channel Water Capture and Reuse Pipeline Project

The project benefits dischargers throughout the Newport Bay Watershed, covering portions of Supervisorial Districts 1, 2, 3, and 5. The Project partners include the City of Irvine, the Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD), County of Orange and Orange County Flood Control District (OCFCD), City of Tustin and California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) who collectively designed and constructed a $12.8M system of diversion structures and installed 6,000 feet of pressurized pipeline and other features to address a series of point and non-point source discharges of selenium and nitrogen along Peters Canyon Channel for beneficial reuse and improving water quality in Newport Bay.
The Project provides necessary regulatory compliance and reduction of pollutants provided by the pipeline for all funding partners. The project funding and cooperative agreement was designed to address the entire project process from design, construction bidding, contractor selection, and construction project management, to project ownership and operations and maintenance. Due to the recognized collective benefits from the project and strong commitment to watershed cooperation, the Project partners were able to complete the Peters Canyon (Wash) Channel Water Capture and Reuse Pipeline 4 months ahead of schedule and within budget.

Community Improvement Project of the Year

Huntington Beach Senior Center In Central Park

The Huntington Beach Senior Center in Central Park exemplifies the City’s commitment to wellness, lifelong learning and active lifestyles. The new 38,000 square foot facility now serves as the City’s main Senior Center—a move from its aging facility, originally Santa Ana Air Base barracks built in the 1940s, which had served as the Senior Center since 1975. The new facility, designed with input from residents, community stakeholders and the Huntington Beach Council on Aging, offers a variety of programs, classes and services to the City’s senior community.

Integrated into Central Park’s native landscape, the Center provides direct access to walking trails and offers expansive Park views. The building’s architectural design incorporates the use of natural sunlight to minimize the need for powered lighting. The facility, landscaped grounds and 232-space parking lot were designed to provide easy access for the elderly. Over the years, the five-acre site within 343-acre Central Park had several uses—including being a disposal site for concrete debris from the original 405 freeway construction. Rather than hauling the debris offsite, the City chose to recycle the debris, and the contractor crushed the debris on-site for use in the fill. To ensure compatibility with the surrounding environment, input on the plant palette was solicited from the Friends of Shipley Nature Center, an environmental group that operates the nearby Shipley Nature Center in Central Park. Bio-swales were installed in the parking lot to improve water quality.

Nearly 4,000 attended the grand opening, illustrating the community’s need, excitement and support for the new facility. Grand Entry volunteers welcome visitors where they slide personalized cards to register for services, events and activities or to view upcoming reservations on user-friendly computers. The comprehensive facility features classrooms; a computer lab; game, craft, dance and group fitness rooms; a fully-equipped fitness pavilion with state-of-the-art workout equipment; a commercial kitchen for preparation of daily lunches; and a separate kitchen for the home-delivered meals program and healthy cooking classes. The facility also houses a wide range of services including the Surf City Seniors on the Go transportation program and other services ranging from tax assistance to travel to basic health-monitoring. In any given week, more than 100 classes and activities are offered, over 2,300 meals are served and delivered to homes, and more than 1,000 seniors utilize services provided by the Senior Center.

Delivered on-schedule and under-budget, the new Senior Center enables the City to offer comprehensive social, recreational, educational and support services that will serve the evolving needs of its senior community well into the future.

Geotechnical Project of the Year

Emerald Bay Entrance Widening

The Emerald Bay Entry Widening project which improved traffic safety and circulation at the intersection of Shamrock Road and PCH had to overcome numerous geotechnical engineering challenges which included the mitigation of seismically induced lateral spreading, static consolidation settlements and the construction of over-steepened slopes.  Lateral spreading was mitigated with the implementation of Drilled Displacement Columns or DDC’s.  DDC’s involve the drilling of the alluvial soils in the park below the widened slope using a displacement drill and heavy equipment crowd.  Then the displacement drill is slowly raised and the created cavity is filled with grout under pressure to form the DDC with relatively low construction noise and with no significant vibrations.  The procedure not only creates high strength concrete columns but also densifies the surrounding soil while creating virtually no drilling spoil.  The use of DDC’s also reduced the static consolidation potential.  In addition, the DDC’s addressed the general construction constraints consisting of the utilization of low noise and vibration equipment as well as working within tight working conditions.  The DDC mitigation measure consisted of a “relatively new”  and sustainable ground improvement strategy that required the development of a close working relationship with the County to insure that the design methodologies were consistent with County requirements.

Outstanding ASCE Life Member

Thomas A. Broz, P.E., S.E, F.ASCE

Tom Broz’s career has been focused on taking projects from “cradle-to-grave” through the use of multiple project delivery methods including design/bid/build, design/build, design/CM, PM/CM as agent, and PM/CM multiple prime.  Starting his career, Tom’s first twenty-five years of experience was associated 100% with design/build projects.  Most recently Tom’s efforts have been associated with projects where he has provided either PM/CM services or just stand alone CM services.  Many of these projects that Tom has worked on have been recognized by various professional engineering and construction organizations as being noteworthy projects and have received awards for such achievement.  Tom’s projects have ranged the gamut of size and type and have included multi-billion dollar nuclear power generating facilities to local public agency projects with construction costs less than a million dollars.  Tom has worked on power generation and distribution facilities, water storage and transmission facilities, industrial process facilities, alternate energy facilities, high tech research facilities supporting manned space flight, commercial and public buildings, and infrastructure projects including roads, bridges, and underground wet and dry utilities.  Throughout his career, despite advancing through the management ranks, Tom has never left his roots and continues to this day to be a hands-on project manager who is the consummate doer/seller.

Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Private Sector

Steven J. Huff, P.E., M.ASCE

Outstanding Civil Engineer in Legislative Activities

Mojgan Hashemi, P.E., M.ASCE

Excellence in Journalism

Christopher Haire

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