Orange County Branch Newsletter

August 2011

Life Member Forum

Welcome to the Life Member Forum

By Joe Buley, P.E., F.ASCE

Welcome Orange County Life Members!!  You are an elite group of 600 plus members.  In the coming months, we hope to establish meaningful communication with you within this column that your Orange County Section has so graciously allowed us to publish.  We pledge to keep you informed, on a timely basis, about our on-going activities.

The specification for a Life Member is that he has attained the age of 65, paid dues for at least 30 years and maintained continuous membership in ASCE during the last 10 years.  In truth, a Life Member may still be actively engaged in the practice of his profession, active in his Section Branch or otherwise productively engaged in the community at- large. The specification only defines a marker in your lifetime contributions to the Civil Engineering Profession, albeit one you can be extremely proud of.

The Life Member Forum(LMF) was created in the 1990’s to enable the full resources of ASCE to remain at your disposal, to exchange ideas and history with your peers, to celebrate current civil engineering projects, and to enable you to continue contributing your many and varied talents to the betterment of ASCE.  Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at the ASCE, LA Section Administrator office at 1405 Warner Ave. Tustin, CA. from 10 AM to Noon – Telephone 714-258-8306.  The equivalent of a bag lunch is served.  Occasionally, guest speakers are invited to present the civil engineering perspective on timely subjects.  Each attendee may report and discuss any endeavor that he is interested in.

For a complete in-depth review of the LMF, you are invited to visit the LA Section Website and click on the LMF pull down menu.

The website will give you an immediate summary – About Us; including Life Member Brunch, Formation and Function, and Activities.  An embed will take you directly to Guidelines for Life Member Involvement in ASCE.  Appendix A will give you a detailed breakdown of your fellow Life Members in each Section by Region.  Appendix C will give additional details about The Los Angeles Life Member Forum.

In the immediate past our LMF visited San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant (38 attended) and tour of the new expansion of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in conjunction with the Flight Path Museum where 30 attended.  Regular attendance at our meetings is not required and no dues are paid.  Your involvement is driven by your interests.

Life Members are currently supporting the ASCE Los Angeles Section Centennial Committee in planning events honoring ASCE LA Veterans; Documentation of the Centennial via book, video and website and planning the History & Heritage program.  Life Members actively support designation of local Civil Engineering Historic monuments and help provide documentation.

Life Members currently support Habitat for Humanity and Engineers without Borders.  We have a current need for CAD support for a Habitat for Humanity project that we are assisting.

We cordially invite you to our next LMF meeting on August 4th and/or September 1st.  Dress is casual.  Just bring your enthusiasm and willingness to share.  Our standing committee’s are: Disaster Preparedness, Mentorship, Infrastructure Advisory, Habitat for Humanity, Engineers without Borders, Public Image and Field Trips.

Joe Buley, P.E., F.ASCE
Vice President, LMF
[email protected]

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