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May/June 2016

K-12 Outreach

Spaghetti Bridge Competition

By: Binod Tiwari, Ph.D., P.E.

College of Engineering and Computer Science at California State University, Fullerton and the American Society of Civil Engineers, Orange County Branch organized the Second Annual OC Spaghetti Bridge Competition on May 7, 2016 at CSU Fullerton. Three teams, from CSU Fullerton, Saddleback College and Santa Ana College brought their bridges to the competition. Twenty four students and three faculty members were involved in the competition. A spaghetti Bridge, designed and constructed by the students from Saddleback College that weighed 282 grams held 13 kg of the sustained load, won the first place.

The second prize went to the bridge weighing 335 grams, designed and constructed by Santa Ana College students, which held 24 kg of sustained load. The third prize went to the bridge designed and constructed by Cal State Fullerton students. Their bridge held 8 kg of load.

Next year’s competition will be organized on the First Saturday of May, 2017. All high school, community college and university students are welcome to participate.
The team members of each team were:

  • Shelley Rodriguez
  • Paulina Mendez
  • Farid Nasser
  • Eric Kim
  • Luis Manzo
  • John Thurlo
  • John Stapleton
  • Advisor: Beena Ajmera
Saddleback College
  • David Turney
  • Chrisian Aboga-a
  • Richard Barton
  • Samantha Novak
  • Lucky de Jesus
  • Jeremy Laster
  • Austin Evans
  • Advisor: Professor Larry Perez
Santa Ana College team
  • Orlando Baez
  • Humberto Rodriguez
  • Veronica Pedraza
  • Karen Roman
  • Stephanie Salazar
  • Jaime Lopez
  • Eduardo Rosas
  • Adrian Hernandez
  • German Luevano
  • Daniela Zayas
  • Advisor: Dr. Timo Budarz

Participating students and Drs. Struckhoff and Ajmera.

Saddleback College students receiving the first place award

Santa Ana College Students, receiving the second place award

CSUF students receiving the third place award

Loading the winning bridge, the bridge built by the students from Saddleback College

Students from Santa Ana College loading their bridge

Dr. Struckhoff, loading the bridge built by the CSUF students

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