Orange County Branch Newsletter

June 2015


ASCE OC 2nd Annual Jog-A-Thon

By: Naveed Kharrat, EIT

ASCE Orange County hosted its 2nd Annual Jog-A-Thon at Crean Lutheran High School in Irvine on 4/25/15. What started out as a gloomy morning turned into a fun and energetic event for all participants. With the help of the OC Branch, OC YMF Board members and our affiliate universities, the event couldn't have gone any better.

After reviewing last year's successful event, the Jog-A-Thon (JAT) fundraising committee was eager to plan the JAT with more participation from members and students. Our goal was simple: to be able to raise more funds for CSUF, UCI, CSULB and ASCE OC YMF while having a great time doing it. After hosting several planning meetings, all board members and university chapter members were ready for the event. Each university was responsible for distributing pledge forms to each student member that was participating in the event. Some students were acquiring flat donations while others were getting pledges on a per-lap basis (which would prove to be effective if one ran with their laps in mind). It was also an option for ASCE members to raise funds for the university of their choice or OC-YMF, if they pleased!

The day of the event started out chilly with signs of rain. That would have been quite the challenge but luck had struck our path. Each university brought a canopy and a customized donation box for day-of donations. As the event time drew closer, we had many members of the civil engineering community in attendance which included OC Branch President Gary Gilbert, Vice President Steven King, Treasurer Josue Vaglienty, Past-President Penny Lew, OC-YMF President Remi Candaele, Vice President Roxanne Follis, Treasurer Oscar Rivera, Past-President Gidti Ludesirishoti and ASCE Transportation Technical Group (TTG) President Ted Rigoni - who happily volunteered as our event photographer (and took plenty of awesome actions shots). Also included at the event were many members of OC YMF that were both running and volunteering their Saturday morning! When everyone was ready, a relay race was set up prior to the official JAT where each group compiled a team to compete against each other. For you inquiring minds, the Branch did have a team and did work! However, CSUF took home the relay gold against a stacked field. Once the relay "warm-up" was finished, the JAT began.

We had over 60 participants, all running and showing support for each other and their respective groups. Music was heard throughout the event and refreshments offered whenever one needed a quick break. At the end of the running, all donations were compiled and pledge forms submitted  to OC-YMF representatives. We even had a couple students run over 10 miles! This would prove beneficial once Josue held a raffle with cool prizes for those who ran the most, and of course to those with winning raffle tickets. At the close of the JAT, all participants were invited for lunch at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse in Irvine.

The event was a huge success for everyone. All participants and professionals were thanked for their time and attendance to make the event a great success. The event wouldn't  have been possible without the hard work involved in planning, executing, and participating in the JAT. Events like these are what make ASCE OC special in every way. Thank to you everyone and we hope to see you next year!