Orange County Branch Newsletter

May 2011

In Memoriam

Mr. G. “Lynn” LeBaron, Jr. - 1925-2011

 Lynn LeBaron, an ASCE Life Member and ASCE member since 1951 passed in March 2011.  He served as past Secretary and Treasurer of ASCE, Southern Nevada Branch and past as Associate/Director, ASCE. 

G. “Lynn” LeBaron, Jr. was born on August 1925 in Pennsylvania.  He served in the Army Air Corps and attended the University of Kentucky where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1951.

Mr. LeBaron’s work experience included Reading Railroad for 11 years in construction of bridges, coal dumpers, and towers. Later he was employed at Holmes & Narver, Inc., Architect Engineers in Orange, CA for 26 years.  His projects, located at various sites, included a Nevada Test Site;  Amchitka, Alaska for DOE; Tonopah Integrated Air Defense System TIADS,  Central Nevada for the Air Force; ROTHR on Amchitka for the Navy; KC-135 Rebasing at Malstrom AFB, and Montana for the U.S. Army.  He is survived by his wife, Patricia, and son, Geof.  A Memorial Service was held at St. George’s Episcopal Church. 

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