Orange County Branch Newsletter

July 2013


EWRI - FEMA’s RiskMap Program

By: Mujahid Chandoo, P.E.

FEMA is currently conducting a comprehensive re-study of the coastal flood hazards along the entire 1,487 mile coastline of the State of California in fifteen counties.  A presentation about FEMA’s RiskMap Program, study overview and process was given by Ms. Nicole Metzger, P.E., Oceanographer, Project Manager with Michael Baker, Jr. to EWRI at their June 06, 2013 luncheon. 

The objective of the study was to update flood hazard data for 100% of the populated U.S Coast. The project consisted studying coastal counties along the Pacific coastline and re-mapping the coastal wave hazards. Previous comprehensive coastal study was conducted in 1983. More information can be found on .