Orange County Branch Newsletter

May 2012


New Officers Elected

Following a very successful year under the direction of Daniel Ramey, Darren Cormack and Barrett Steele, the membership elected a new board on February 28, 2012. The new board will serve until March 1, 2013.

“It is exciting to enter this year with so solid an organization,” comments Niles Mackrell the new president. “The past boards worked diligently to build a well-developed organization. With the ample funding provided for this year’s projects, we have a solid foundation to build our future plans upon.”

The chapter’s 2012 plans include the continued support for projects in Honduras and Kenya, and beginning a new project in El Salvador. An expanded Corporate Challenge 2012 fundraiser is also in the works.

2012-13 Board Members:

Niles Mackrell, President

Todd Dmytryshyn, VP Projects

Andre de Greef, Treasurer

Barrett Steele, Secretary

2012-13 Committee Members:

John Rose, Fundraising Coordinator

Modesto Llanos, Rotary Liaison

Deborah Alvarado, Membership Coordinator

Leanne Mangus, Corporate Challenge Chair

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