Orange County Branch Newsletter

June 1986

County of Orange County

EMA Professional Liaison Committee

The Professional Liaison Committee was formed in 1981 with the objective of "an interest in obtaining a meeting of the minds between private practice and public agency on improving the development process in Orange County".

The Committee has convened monthly since its formation except during holiday periods. The Charter of the PLC established the membership of the PLC as follows:

Regular Members Associate Members
Director of EMA Public Works AIA
Director of EMA Regulation ASCA
BIA Director of EMA Planning
  Director of EMA Parks & Recreation


The ASCE PLC Committee and active subcommittee members are:

  • Dan Rainey Chairman
  • Bob Kaltenbaugh Vice Chairman
  • Bill Bennett Standard Plans Subcommittee
  • Warren Singleton Standard Plans Subcommittee

Many other ASCE members have aiso partiscipated in PLC activities on behalf of both the public and private sector members.

Items which have been finalized this year or which were information items in the first quarter of this year are:

  • Sound Attenuation Responsibility and Procedures (Informational)
  • Trench and Backfill Approvals (County memo regarding compliance and procedures)
  • Corps of Engineers 404 - Permit Process (Informational - subcommittee formed for future action)
  • Transportation Corridors (Informational)
  • Survey Records (Additional survey counter staff and signage upgrading)
  • Coastal Zone Review (Finalization of Coastal Floodplain report)
  • Plan Check Responsibility and Procedures (Finalization of Plan Check Check List)

Items which are continuing items are:

  • Computer Information Exchange (Subcommittee currently reviewing industry survey regarding program usage)
  • Project Certification and Release Procedures (Subcommittee reviewing County requirements
  • Grading Manual (Subcommittee has been inactive)
  • Standard Plans Manual (County staff meets monthly - reviewing "Greenbook" standard plans)
  • Hydrology Manual (County staff is currently reviewing Draft Manual. County staff anticipates Draft Manual to be available for public review in May.)

The current private sector members of the committee have taken the EMA PLC as an important forum and it is the active members' opinion that the County staff hold it in high esteem.

As the above lists indicate, ASCE member participation from the public and private sectors is extremely high and their input has been crucial in the resolution of several items. The continued honest dialogue from both the public and private sectors helps make this forum a most fruitful one and one that should be considered by other public agencies.

Additional information regarding the above items will be in future newsletters.

Don Rainey

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