Orange County Branch Newsletter

July 2014

Disaster Preparedness Committee

Disaster Preparedness Committee’s New Chair - Sudi Shoja, P.E.

I would like to introduce Sudi Shoja, our new Disaster Preparedness Committee Chair.  Sudi has been a resident of Orange County since 1990 and has worked in both San Diego and Orange Counties for the past 22 years for public agencies, She has since retired from public service and now consults with private firms and is also a trainer for the SAP program with Cal OES.  Sudi is a registered civil engineer and registered responder (evaluator) with CalOES who has responded to all the major earthquakes in California for the past two decades.

Sudi is a member of American Society of Civil Engineers Post Earthquake Investigation Committee and travelled to Indonesia as part of a team to assess the life-line damages of the September 30, 2009 earthquake in Sumatra Island co-authored the monograph for the event.  She has designed successful programs for care of children and reunification with families after earthquakes. In 2010, she became an ASCE Fellow.

Sudi has been actively working with schools in Orange County and as a result, one of the largest high schools with 3000 students is now fully prepared for dealing with disasters.

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