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July 2012

CSULB Update

Alumni Outreach

By Sabrina Rivera, ASCE CSULB Student Chapter President

This year the ASCE CSULB student chapter has are more excited than ever as we rally support for our Steel Bridge Team. The Steel Bridge Team placed third in the annual Pacific South Western Conference of ASCE and they are heading to Nationals!  However, the club's small budget has run out, so our goal is to subsidize as much of their travel expenses as possible.

We have also partnered wtih EWB-USA a national non-profit organization that builds basic structures in developing countries that are necessary for life. Projects are typically water distribution systems that provide clean drinking water and bridges that connect small communities with schools or hospitals. Our young EWB-USA chapter is working hard to build momentum and capital to complete one of these projects with help from the EWB-USA Orange County professional chapter.

We are pleased to invite you to help us to strength the bonds between CSULB and our alumni. At a time when there is great activity happening in the College of Engineering, we want to build upon our previous successes and continually move forward.  The event will feature ASCE's end of the year awards, raffles, a silent auction, and a Jenga tournament with a five dollar buy in. Tickets may be purchased at CSULB for the presale price of $30 and are $35 at the door. This will be an opportunity for students to reconnect with alumni, and allow an opportunity for us to get to know where we could be in the future. GO BEACH! 

If you have any question please contact Sabrina Rivera at (562) 810-6560 or at [email protected].  Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to your participation in this important event! Please Check out our websites!

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