Orange County Branch Newsletter

May 2012


CSULB took an astounding 49 students and 2 faculty to PSWC 2012 this year. Charging full steam ahead, all students donned matching black and yellow I Dig LB t-shirts for the event. The kick-off for the conference was on Thursday with the big display day. The CSULB Canoe Team was out in full Themed-Force Naval Gear. The students wore white Navy-similar garb, captains hats, and aviator glasses, we were set to compete with the best. The theme of the Canoe, the Beach Stormer, was set as a tribute to our heroes of our wars. The canoe display itself extended the tribute, by using spikes that matched those seen on the beaches of Normandy to hold the canoe in its resting place. Adorning the top of our canoe, was a hand molded battleship look that was created from foam and took hours of work to create.  The steel bridge team did an Army tribute with theme and color. Given this, we were quite eager to head into the actual competitions. Overall, CSULB placed 9th in PSWC 2012. Starting off strong, CSULB took 1st place in Scavenger Hunt. Other strong performances included Environmental, which took 2nd place. Followed closely by a pair of 4th place finishes in Basketball and Tug-o-War. The Canoe Team placed 6th overall, with strong showings in the Oral Presentation (5th), Final Product (4th). Other notables include the Geotechnical Team placing around 6th. Overall, the themes were unified, as was school spirit, and we look forward to a new year of friendly competition!

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