Orange County Branch Newsletter

January 2015


ASCE OC California State University, Long Beach Student Chapter's December 2015 Newsletter

Broomball Event with YMF

On Friday, December 5th, ASCE CSULB organized a broomball event with YMF and other ASCE school chapters. The event, which took place at The Rinks-Lakewood ICE, had over 40 participants. Both students and professionals had the opportunity to play broomball and socialize.

Everyone was divided into two teams, the blue team and the red team. All of the equipment was provided by the ice rink and we were given two hours of playing time. Both teams played a good game with several people slipping and falling on the ice. At the end of the night, the blue team came out on top.

Several ASCE and YMF members went to Buffalo Wild Wings after the game to eat and have a good time.

CSULB ASCE would like to thank everyone who came out to play.  There was a large turnout and everyone had a great time playing broomball and socializing.

This event could not have been this successful without the help from Michael VanWagoner, EIT. Michael organized the entire event and he plans to organize a broomball tournament for the spring semester. The tournament will be open to YMF members and other schools. People will have the opportunity to organize their own team and battle for first place. More information will be given out next semester.

Avenue 3 Pizza Fundraiser

On December 4, CSULB ASCE and SWE (Society of Women Engineers) hosted a successful fundraiser at the local college hangout, Avenue 3 Pizza.

Several members and their friends from both organizations came to Ave 3 Pizza to buy food and show their support.

ASCE Fundraising Chair, Roy Perez and SWE President, Lita Cahuana helped organize this fundraiser.  This fundraiser could not have been this successful without their help. We would also like to thank Briella Matsumoto, ASCE Marketing Chair, for advertising this event.

The funds will go directly to both clubs. The money will be used to help ASCE with their conference projects, including the Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge designs. It will also be used to buy supplies for the clubs.

Thank you to everyone who came to support ASCE and SWE.

Round I Fundraiser

On December 17, ASCE hosted a fundraiser at Round 1 bowling alley in Lakewood.  People came out to celebrate the end of finals week. They bowled, played pool, and sung karaoke, with all proceeds going towards the club.

Once again, the student chapter would like to thank ASCE Fundraising Chair, Roy Perez, for organizing this event. There was a large turnout of ASCE members and friends.

The money will help ASCE organize outreach events for local elementary and middle schools.

Finals Week

Finals week is one of the most important, but stressful times in a college student’s life. However, studying with friends and getting tutored can make the week more bearable.

People who join ASCE have the opportunity to get tutored by other members of the organization. It is very helpful to study with other people, especially when the material is difficult to understand. Members of ASCE have the opportunity to work in groups and collaborate.


CSULB ASCE encourages people to join the organization and meet other members to form study groups. This is one of the many benefits of joining ASCE.


Congratulations to our New Officers

Every semester, ASCE holds elections for three positions, Associated Engineering Student Body Representative (AESB), Marketing Chair, and Editor/Historian. Several well-qualified candidates ran for these positions. However, only three students can hold these positions.

For the spring semester, ASCE would like to congratulate Jocelyn Diaz (Editor/Historian), Marsalis Saafir (AESB Representative), and Abigail See (Marketing Chair) - below, left to right.

They will be representing CSULB ASCE for the Spring 2015 semester. They will also have the opportunity to become more involved in ASCE and help organize events.