Orange County Branch Newsletter

February 2017

Community Service

ASCE OC and EWB Members Partner for Professionals for San Diego Zoo Safari Park

By Jason Goff, PE

ASCE Orange County Chapter (ASCE-OC) and EWB-Orange County Professionals Chapter (EWB-OC) formed a partnership to modify five existing bridges at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  Two of the bridges, known as the Tiger Bridge and Gorilla Bridge and multi-span bridges of the abandoned monorail system; the remainder of the bridges are 50 foot long single span bridges.  The bridges will be retrofitted with guardrails for public/pedestrian use to provide access to other parts of the park not previously accessible to the public. 


Tiger and Gorilla Bridge Update:

As of December 2016, the Tiger Bridge and Gorilla Bridge design phases have been completed.  Flatiron Construction is providing materials and equipment for the bridge rail installation. The bracket and railing locations were surveyed on the Tiger Bridge.   Currently, the ASCE-OC and EWB-OC chapters are working with the Safari Park to establish insurance and liability coverage for volunteers.  The volunteer outreach effort is being lead by EWB-OC.  Fundraising for the Gorilla Bridge is still in the planning phase and the effort is being coordinated with the Safari Park. 


Bat Bridge Update:

In October of 2016 the EWB USC Student Chapter along with the project mentor visited the Bat Bridge (50 foot long single span) for a site assessment.  During the site assessment, the team identified site features which could potentially impact the design approach, including additional fencing or guardrails to ensure public safety due to the topography in the bridge area.  The team consulted with the EWB-OC contact to discuss their findings and approach. The team is currently working with their ASCE mentor and EWB-OC contact on the design implications as a result of their site assessment.  Specific project details may also be obtained at  

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