Orange County Branch Newsletter

October 2014

Community Service

ASCE OC - Coastal Cleanup Day 2014

By Josue Vaglienty, PE

Volunteer groups of all ages stood by with trash bags, buckets, and gloves as everyone prepared to for Orange County’s Coastal Cleanup Day at Salt Creek County Beach this past September 20th. This annual event, hosted by the California Coastal Commission and OC Parks, focuses on cleaning Orange County’s shoreline and watersheds while also educating the community on how to better protect our local beaches.

ASCE Orange County Branch joined in the platoon of several hundred volunteers to sweep the beach for trash. All sorts of items were found littered on the beach. Shoes, toys, car parts, plastic bottles, and disposable items such as bags, containers, and utensils were just a few of the items that were collected. ASCE alone filled several bags and buckets of trash that were ultimately collected by OC Parks to be recycled or disposed of properly. Multiply that amount of trash collected by the other several hundred volunteers and it really demonstrates how much volunteers can accomplish collectively.

OC Parks also held a goal of making the event a Zero Waste Event. Volunteers were encouraged to bring their own used grocery plastic bags, buckets, gloves, and reusable water bottles.

In 2013, Coastal Cleanup Day had more 55,000 volunteers statewide and collected almost 750,000 pounds of trash. According to the OC Parks website, more than 15 million pounds of trash have been diverted from the shores and watersheds in California since 1985. The event holds the Guinness Book of World Records deems California’s Coastal Cleanup Day as the “largest garbage collection”.

ASCE Orange County was proud to have played a part in protecting our community’s environment and will be ready to do the same in 2015.

ASCE – OC at the 2014 Coastal Cleanup Day (from left to right: Josue Vaglienty, Penny Lew, Gary Gilbert, Ali Bastani & Family)

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