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October 2011

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The Orange County Great Park

By Ziad Mazboudi, P.E.

The OC Branch was happy to have San Juan Capistrano Mayor Sam Allevato, representing the Great Park, as our speaker for the September luncheon. Fifty (50) were in attendance at the presentation to find out what the latest is about the progress of improvements at the Great Park.

San Juan Capistrano Mayor Sam Allevato

Mayor Allevato started his presentation with a video showing how the regional park is taking shape and the process, which included public involvement, by which the park’s features, amenities, and activities are selected. He then discussed the current activities that have been taking place, such as the balloon, the concerts, farmers market, the Cirque du Soleil partnership, and more. Also discussed was that Five Point Development will be moving forward with infrastructure development and that there will be some reuse of existing facilities and buildings.

It was impressive to hear about all of the ecological and Green features that have been and will be included in the Great Park. Some of the features will include restored habitat, renewable energy generation, and water quality natural treatment systems. The project’s main challenge has been the current economy as it has been the biggest hurdle, resulting in delays to many of the goals of the Great Park.

It looks like the Great Park, which spans more than 1,300 acres, will be nearly twice the size of Manhattan, New York’s Central Park.  The award-winning master plan will also embrace Orange County’s agricultural heritage. We will be lucky to experience a wonderful first class regional park!

We hope to see you all at the next Branch event.

For more information, see the Orange County Great Park website.


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