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November 2011

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Reducing Risk Through Better Contracting and Construction Administration

By Gary Gilbert, P.E., G.E.

For the October lunch, the OC County Branch changed things up a little bit and had lawyers present.  The presenters were Michele Gamble Esq. and Christian Bredeson Esq. from Collins Collins Muir + Stewart.  Michele and Christian belong to a law firm that usually represents civil engineering firms that are involved a professional liability lawsuit.  The presenters gave some ideas of actions that civil engineering firms can take to avoid lawsuits.  They focused on the design phase, bid phase, and construction phase.  Most attendees were not surprised to hear that the construction phase was the biggest source of lawsuits.

This month's speakers, Christian Bredeson and Michele Gamble, with ASCE OC President Josh Nelson

A couple of highlights for members that were unable to attend are as follows.

  • Be careful with limitations of liability on contracts.
  • Do not say you are going to exceed the standard of care.
  • Be proactive with RFIs
  • Don’t depend only on least experienced employee for construction services.
  • Take many photos during construction.
  • Report life safety issues immediately to responsible parties.
  • Be watchful of “cheaper” alternatives to the plans and specifications.

A copy of the presentation is available on the OC Branch website.




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