Orange County Branch Newsletter

January 2019


Ugly Sweater Holiday Bar Crawl

By Joseph Huynh, EIT

It was a chilly night in California when a group of ASCE OC YMF members congregated at Bootlegger’s in Downtown Fullerton. Tension was in the air as Christmas loomed around the corner, deadlines were due, and finals had just begun to wrap up for some college students.

The cheers of youthful exuberance and clinks of glass slowly resonated throughout the venue, warming cold hands/hearts, and reminding everyone that working hard also requires an equal or greater amount of playing hard as well.

As the group finally got together, we had our final drinks at Bootlegger’s and made our way to Florentine’s. Promptly, a dance battle ensued enticing everyone to show off their dance moves. No matter how flashy or sincere, everyone poured their heart out on the dance floor, slowly letting the music turn up the volume on happiness and lower the volume on anxiety, stress, and ill will.

We ended the night at Roscoe’s Famous Deli. The ambiance was a bit more relaxed. There was a live band, fully stocked bar, friends reuniting, and just a full array of life all happening at once. 

It was a night full of memories clear and vivid as day as colleagues reminisced about the good times they had this year and blurred as they recounted hardships and moments that helps shape character, also known as life. In the end, we were all there for each other and that’s really all anyone could ever ask for. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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