Orange County Branch Newsletter

September 2014


ASCE OC YMF - Stone Brewery Tour

By: Michael Phillips

On September 5, 2014  27 members from both the OC and SD chapters of YMF united at the Stone Brewery in Escondido, CA under the bond of the pursuit of knowledge, the enjoyment of good company and the appreciation of good beer. This event marked the continuance of a three year tradition of a joint YMF outing to the Stone Brewery, a tradition that is planned to be continued for many years to come.

The tour itself was facilitated by Jamie who showed us the entire brew process from grain milling to fermentation and she even gave us a glimpse at their bottling facility (which isn’t a part of most guided tours). Our group was especially fascinated by their on-site wastewater treatment plant that was built to treat the high volume of excess wastewater that is produced in the beer brewing process.

Following the guided tour there was a tasting of four of their freshest brews followed by mingling in the Stone Restaurant adjacent to the brewery. At the end of the day, not only did we come home with a free stone tasting glass and a higher appreciation for the craft brewing process we also forged new friendships with members of one of our sister YMF chapters. The combination of  good beer and good company produced a great and informative event.

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