Orange County Branch Newsletter

June 2014


ASCE OC YMF Soccer Tournament

By Per Tvedt

Early in the misty morning on the planes of Ski Beach, WE, the brave, the few were ready to carry OC YMF to the championship game. Lots of other people had the same idea that morning, but our team of only 8 players was easy to spot, with 20 or so engineers trying to assemble a soccer goal. We watched in excitement as all the other teams started to warm up. Did they have the better team this year, or would we be able to beat them? The only way to find out was to play five soccer matches back to back. In the first game, Orange County played against San Diego on the West Field. However, everybody glanced over at the LA team that had enough substitute to start another tournament all by themselves. The first game was all about testing each other’s strength, but midway OC started to pull away from San Diego. In the second game, Los Angeles played OC. This was a rematch from last year, when Los Angeles put OC out of the final by a very small margin. LA came out strong, but OC were right behind. Playing without enough substitutes became too overwhelming and LA went on to win. OC and San Bernardino/Riverside struggled long and hard. In the end, it ended up with penalty kicks, where OC went on to win. It had been three hard matches and we still had far to go. OC and San Bernardino/Riverside played one last time for the semi-final game. It was a tiring game that turned into overtime, before it was decided that LA and OC were in the finals. After a short break, the game was on. Entering the field from each side, it looked a little bit like David and Goliath. LA with their strong and rested team, after watching OC and San Bernardino/Riverside duke it out in front of them. LA scored the first goal and the second. This was looking pretty grim for OC. However, not long after this, OC got their first goal and the game was on again. In the end, the game ended 2 to 1 in LA's favor. With the tournament behind us, it was time to rest, relax, and talk about the battles fought. With a beer in hand and our bellies full from BBQ, we all forgot about our battle scars and chatted happily about how good it felt to be in the tournament.