Orange County Branch Newsletter

May 2017


Line Dancing Event

By Rachelle Habchi

Members of the ASCE OC YMF branch all went out together for a group bonding night of line dancing at the In Cahoots in Fullerton. The theme of the night was Got Country Fridays and we all were able to put our cowboy boots to get use! The beginning of the night was organized so that the less-proficient line dancers were taught a couple steps and tricks by professionals who are well-practiced in the art of the dance. Once the steps had been learnt, the music was put on and the real line dancing party started. It was a great opportunity; no matter how novice or well-versed in line dancing the ASCE OC YMF members were, we all had a great time dancing and swinging to the beat of the music! It was a night of great enjoyment and mingling and allowed the members of the branch to socialize with one another, get out of their comfort zone, and learn some line dancing steps. The event went on all night, as members trickled in and out and turned out to be a great bonding experience. A second round of line dancing in the future is greatly possible so if this type of social event interests you, be on the look out for our next line dancing event!

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