Orange County Branch Newsletter

June 2015


ASCE OC YMF– Downtown Los Angeles Photo-Hunt with OC Universities

By: Naveed Kharrat

ASCE OC YMF’s Photo-Hunt took place on March 28th in Downtown Los Angeles. All three affiliate universities joined together for good old-fashioned fun. Scheduled for two weeks prior to PSWC, the event was intended for student members to interact and socialize prior to attending the conference. All students met at 10:30am in front of City Hall to await a list of directions the day of the event. Like any scavenger hunt, there was a list of items to be located. However, in this case students were divided into 2 teams and were given a “hint-list” of various locations in downtown. Each team was responsible for taking a group photo at every location. Both teams were instructed to either have someone take their picture or take a “selfie” with all members included at the location. Some of the monuments  were the Oscar De La Hoya Statue, “Mr. Churro,” Bansky, Caltrans District 7 and Cole’s. The students loved the event as they got to explore LA in a collaborative, yet fun event with their peers. Though the event required a bit of walking, most of the participants haven’t had never had the opportunity to explore the historic, exciting, and new areas of downtown LA. After both groups found all locations, lunch was provided at the Grand Central Market. Overall, the event was engaging and provided an opportunity for new memories and new friends!