Orange County Branch Newsletter

October 2017

ASCE OC Younger Members Forum

Archery Event

By Ryan Hankes

We were expecting a decently good time with ASCE members and friends at Archery Tag, but what we got was a great time and a great workout all in one. Archery tag was a first for most of us, but it was certainly an event we won’t forget. The six on six archery tag made us feel like we were battling back in the times of Robin Hood; taking hits, shooting long shots, crawling, running, and sprinting to gather ammunition to take down the other team. During the game, we were all exhausted but able to take breaks when needed. Days after the event ended, we were still talking about the great shots we made or avoided. Not only did it bring a large crowd from YMF, but friends of friends as well.  It was a great bonding experience and would love to participate in this event again.

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