Orange County Branch Newsletter

August 2014


ASCE OC YMF Annual Beach Day

By: Nestor Godinez

OC YMF had some fun in the sun with the student chapters of UCI, CSUF, and CSULB at the annual beach day.  The beach day occurred on July 26 at Sunset Beach.  The three student chapters brought their canopies, beach chairs, and beach activities to share with each other and unify the members for the upcoming school year.  Attendees shared food, went swimming, played some volleyball, played some soccer, or just chatted with one another.  The weather could not have been better, not too hot, not too sunny.  The group even used their geotechnical knowledge in an attempt to build a large sand castle using tools and a compactor.  In the end castle could not stay up due to the coarse sand’s grain size being too large.  The goal was for everyone to have a good time and that was achieved.