Orange County Branch Newsletter

August 2014


ASCE OC YMF Annual Basketball Tournament

By: Nestor Godinez

It was that time again for engineers to face each other in friendly competition at the Annual YMF Basketball Tournament held in Irvine on July 19.  This year’s tournament was held at an outdoor community park and was attended by 12 teams and their legions of fans.  Competition was intense and bigger than ever with last year’s champions Kimbley-Horn fielding two teams, perennial contender RBF, new comers Langan Engineering, GeoSyntec, and WKE all fielding teams along with 6 other student teams from UCI, CSULB, and CSUF.  Twenty-three games were played with close to 100 players and fans in attendance.  The level of play was higher than last year’s tournament with several upsets.  In the end RBF recaptured the crown with CSULB taking second place.  All players at the end of the tournament finished the day exhausted but satisfied.  Next year’s tournament promises to also be a big event.