Orange County Branch Newsletter

October 2014


ASCE OC YMF and OC Branch Laguna Hike

By: Marcela Opie

In an effort to promote wellness, outdoors activities and networking ASCE OC YMF planned a joint hike and lunch with OC Branch at Laguna Coast Wilderness on April 19th.  Forty-five ASCE members, friends and family came to hike through one of the most beautiful sceneries in the southern California Coast.  Attendees met early in the morning and separated into two groups.  One group took the more challenging path while the other took a moderate path. 

The Laguna Coast Wilderness Park has sandstone wind caves, meadows, wildflowers, and canyon wildlife that can be observed in this 6 mile hike.   According to paleontologists, the exposed rock and fossils show this area would have been covered by the sea  millions of years ago.  Throughout the hike, the historical feeling combined with the cool ocean breeze added to the enjoyment of attendees.  The expansive views at the peak of the hikes were not only beautiful, but helped visualize the ocean and accompanying sea creatures that would have occupied this area long ago. 

After 2 hours of hiking we joined other ASCE members at the Laguna Hotel for a networking lunch right by the beach.  The lunch provided members the opportunity to converse in smaller groups while enjoying a delicious meal.  The entire event was a great opportunity to enjoy being healthy, staying in shape, meeting new people and networking between the entire range of ASCE members.  Due to the overwhelming registration and turn out; ASCE OC YMF and the OC Branch hope to plan another joint hike in the near future.