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June 2021

ASCE OC University Outreach

Meet the Mentors: Land Development Panel

By Janelle Gonzalez, EIT | University Outreach Co-Chair

On April 8, 2021, ASCE OC YMF’s University Outreach hosted a Land Development panel for the first installment of its “Meet the Mentors” series. The “Meet the Mentors” series consists of discipline specific panels to give students who participated in University Outreach’s Mentorship program a chance to broaden their perspective with additional mentors and allowing students who did not participate in the program to learn from our awesome mentors.

To kick things off, Melissa Hilsabeck, Gabreelle Gonzalez, Dom Plata, and Haley Witzeman were selected for the Land Development Panel. For the first half of the event, Melissa Hilsabeck provided a behind the scenes perspective on LPA’s Crown Medical Plaza. The students learned about the scope of work and design challenges her team faced while working on the project. To solidify the students’ understanding, University Outreach tested them with a follow up Kahoot while Melissa explained the correct answers. The second half of the event was a panel moderated by Janelle Gonzalez. She fielded the students’ questions to our panelists who provided valuable insight on their career paths, lessons learned, communication styles, and much more. The event was met with great feedback from our UCI, CSULB, and CSUF students and we are excited to see where the series takes us!

About the Author

Janelle Gonzalez is a transportation Design Engineer at Mark Thomas. She enjoys bridging the gap between students and professionals as the ASCE OC YMF University Outreach Co-Chair. Janelle can be contacted on LinkedIn.


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