Orange County Branch Newsletter

June 2021

ASCE OC K-12 Outreach Committee

Heroes Elementary Presentation

By Raul Rodriguez, EIT | K-12 and Internal Activities Co-Chair

On Friday, January 22nd, ASCE OC YMF had the exciting opportunity to virtually speak to students from Heroes Elementary about the Civil Engineering profession. To better tailor the presentations to the appropriate audiences, we gave three presentations throughout the day: one for kindergarten and first grade, one for second and third grade, and one for fourth and fifth grade. We used a powerpoint presentation to visually help the students identify aspects of civil engineering in their surrounding communities. I would like to thank Nestor Godinez, Cindy Sevilla Esparza, and Memo Medina for volunteering to present throughout the day. The students were very excited about engineering and several of them participated in the Art Contest we held during that time. The presentations were so successful that the principle of Heroes Elementary, Mrs. Churnside, asked us to attend a Spanish parent-teacher meeting and speak to the parents about the importance of civil engineering and continuing their child’s education into college. On March 12th, Liz Ruedas, Memo Mediana, and myself were more than happy to speak to the parents in Spanish and help them learn about the engineering profession. The work we did at Heroes Elementary began conversations about continuing higher education and the importance of civil engineering among families here in our local community. Thank you to Mrs. Churnside for enthusiastically inviting us to present to her school and recognizing the importance of introducing STEM fields to her students early in their education. We look forward to continuing our involvement with Heroes Elementary and expanding our presence in local schools.

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming involved with K-12 events, please contact our K-12 Chairs at [email protected].

About the Author

Raul Rodriguez is a roadway engineer at HNTB. He has been involved in YMF since he graduated from UCI in 2019. He enjoys playing soccer on weekends, watching movies with his family, or a good board game (Citadels is his favorite).


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