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March 2019

ASCE OC Branch

December Luncheon: Park to Playa Bridge at Kenneth Hahn Park

By Jason Fix, PE

On December 20th, 2018, Ken Taylor, PE (McLean & Schultz), presented the process for delivering the new Park to Playa Trail Bridge located at Kenneth Hahn Recreation Center.

The trail bridge will be used to cross La Cienega Boulevard and connect the Park to Playa trail to the Stoneview Nature Center. This will facilitate recreational use of the park and provide a means for wildlife to cross the busy street below.

Rendering of Park to Playa Bridge

Due to the location of the project, several stakeholders have an interest in its success. Ken presented the importance of having a project team that is working toward the same goals. His analogy is that a project is similar to the 7th Hole at Pebble Beach. While it may seem simple (ie. A Par 3, 106 yards), due to the challenges of the wind and slope the first swing is important to start in the right direction.

To start the project correctly, Ken outlined how meetings were organized so the stakeholders may raise their concerns to the team with all disciplines present. This allows the team to work together with the same solution. From these meetings, the most interest has been in the appearance of the bridge. As requested, the trail aesthetic has been extended through its path over the structure.

The park requested that the bridge enable wildlife to cross. To do so planters have been provided on the north side of the bridge. These use variable heights and native shrubbery to provide cover for small animals to cross. The hiding locations are necessary so they feel safe enough to cross. Larger animals such as the native foxes will follow the prey across.

COR-TEN Steel Planters

COR-TEN steel planters will be used as the steel’s surface will gain a patina over time which will provide a rustic feel. In addition, the steel provides easy maintenance as vandalism can be addressed through sanding down the surface and allowing the weathering to continue. 


Speaker Ken Taylor, PE (McLean & Schultz) and ASCE OC Board of Directors

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