Orange County Branch Newsletter

November 2021

ASCE OC University Outreach

ASCE OC University Outreach Virtual Game Night

By Darlyn Hernandez, EIT | UCI Practitioner Advisor

Students from all 3 Orange County universities gathered virtually for our Annual Game Night. The night started with a few "Would You Rather?" questions and introductions as everyone filled in and joined the Zoom call. Students were then sent to their breakout rooms and commenced the night's first game in their assigned teams. A highlighted game was the "Scavenger Hunt" where students received a list of items and would have to rush and find items from their homes ranging from pencils, hats, and even a spatula. To wrap up the night, a final game of "Finish that Lyric" began where a 10-second snip of a song was played in a large group for everyone. The first student to buzz in would continue the following verse in the music and earn a point. The winning team was announced and awarded gift cards as a conclusion to game night. We appreciate all of the University Outreach Committee members who organized this event and our students who joined us for the night. We look forward to connecting and supporting students in any way we can.

Green Team wins and celebrates their victory joined by the University Outreach Committee.


About the Author

Darlyn is currently a Roadway Design Engineer at Mark Thomas in Irvine, CA. Darlyn was heavily involved in ASCE at UC Irvine and joined YMF after graduating in 2019 to continue her involvement. She is passionate about University Outreach and always looks forward to planning outreach events that she benefitted from as a student. When Darlyn is not at a University Outreach event, you are likely to find her spending her free time at Disneyland with friends and family or shopping for new plants and accessories at a local vendor.


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