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September 2022

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New Book on the History of Irvine Ranch

By Michael Stockstill

A new book on the history of the planning and development of the Irvine Ranch was rated Number One in Civil Engineer New Releases in late July 2022. The book Transforming the Irvine Ranch tells the story of how in just 17 years, the Irvine Ranch grew from an agricultural empire into a successful New Town. Included is the history of the founding of the University of California, Irvine (UCI), and the Irvine family.

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About the Author:

Educated as a journalist, Michael Stockstill worked in Orange County for more than 40 years in journalism and public affairs for the Irvine Company, the Toll Roads, CalOptima, Southern California Edison, and as a consultant. Along with co-author Pike Oliver, he has always been intrigued by the rich history of the Irvine Ranch and the people who worked there. He and Oliver were inspired to tell the story in their book by the late Ray Watson. Oliver and Stockstill worked with Watson and, like many people in Orange County, respected him and his values, which impacted how Irvine Company properties were planned and built. Stockstill has been fortunate to travel to nearly every continent and learn about its fascinating cultures. He hopes to spend as much time as possible with his two sons' families, especially his grandchildren, as they grow and learn with him. This is Stockstill's first book, although he has written for local and national magazines and other publications.


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