Orange County Branch Newsletter

May 2022

ASCE OC Mentorship Program

Mid Year Check-In Picnic

By JR Lagade, PE | Mentorship Program Co-Chair

On Saturday, April 2, 2022, the ASCE OC Mentorship Program gathered an intimate group to check in and celebrate our mid-year point for the cohort. The 21-22 Mentorship Program met at the beautiful Bill Barber Memorial Park in Irvine to catch up, and discuss the ins and outs of the program, and where each relationship has progressed. Activities included a leadership style survey, scavenger hunt, engaged discussions of mentorship, and of course tacos.

The event began with each participant filling out a leadership style survey to identify if the person leaned towards "Directive", "Consultative", or "Free Rein" leadership styles. As the Mentorship Committee organized group discussions based on the leadership style surveys, the participants conducted a scavenger hunt of various features of the Bill Barber Memorial Park. Participants were paired with other members they have not met directly which enabled a fun and new opportunity to make a new colleague and friend. Given we had a more intimate group, everyone was able to receive ASCE OC polos as prizes!

Mentorship Program 2021-2022 Mid-Year Check-In Attendees + Doggo!

The bulk of the event was filled with deep discussions on how the leadership styles presented guided past work and team dynamics. And how different styles can be used currently and in the future to efficiently complete projects, mold productive teams, and how to combat new surprises. As we all began to understand these leadership styles in ourselves and each other, discussions transitioned to specific protege and mentor dynamics. Questions that were considered included: "What are ideas or characteristics that you have gained from this mentorship that you can pass on to others?" and "Has this mentorship changed how you approach your professional or personal lives? If not, what has it reinforced?"

To wrap up this event, we enjoyed some great tacos from Taqueria El Zamorano and our ever-popular raffle. Prizes included goodies from REI and an Ember Mug! While attendance was less than desired, the intimate group enabled all of us to connect and build new and further current relationships. Everyone enjoyed meeting in person and is looking forward to ending our year with the Mentorship Panel and End-of-Year Events!

About the Author:

JR Lagade is a Dam Safety and Water Resources Engineer based in Southern California. Outside of designing, planning, and managing, JR is a DJ, personal trainer, and surfer - life is too short to do boring things! JR and the Mentorship Committee can be contacted at


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