Orange County Branch Newsletter

November 2021

ASCE OC Government Relations

Infrastructure Bill and 2021 Recap

By Steven Anderson, PE, PMP | Government Relations Chair

ASCE's government relations team both from Region 9 (John Kilps) and the national level (Caroline Sevier) got together to discuss some important topics related to infrastructure and its impact on the government: equity (how is it applied?), Infrastructure Bill (where does all the money go?), 2022 (will infrastructure be a topic in next year's elections?), and new revenue streams to fund projects. Our panel was hosted by SCAG board member Wendy Bucknum and gave some great insights. Government Relations plans to host this type of event annually moving forward.

If you are interested in participating in the Government Relations committee, please contact [email protected].

About the Author

Steven Anderson is a Civil Engineer for David Evans and Associates in Tustin. He now spends his free time with his two-month-old, Olivia, on a play mat.


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